The True Meaning of Labor Day

first_imgFor America’s workers, Labor Day marks more than the end of summer. It’s a reminder of the struggles we have won—and those that lie ahead.ByMary Kay Henry To many Americans, Labor Day has become an important way to send off the slower pace of summer and usher in the hustle and bustle of fall. To our nation’s working families, this Labor Day means so much more.It is an important moment to reflect on the courage of the working people who brought us Labor Day and the many working benefits we enjoy today. It is also a pivotal time to take stock of where our families, our economy, and our democracy are heading.Today, America finds itself in a position of incredible challenge. Half of all Americans now make less than $15 an hour. Of the ten fastest-growing jobs in America, eight are service-sector jobs that pay $15 an hour or less.Service-sector jobs are the heartbeat of our economy and our communities, from the folks who care for the elderly and our children, to those who cook and serve our food, to those who clean and secure our offices. Moving our economy forward must include making service jobs into good jobs with wages that you can raise a family on.That’s why this Labor Day, the American people are sparking a new movement, joining together for an economy and democracy that works for everyone.Fast-food workers have joined together to fight for $15 an hour. They have been joined by home care workers who are calling for $15 an hour for all caregivers. Just last week 27,000 Minnesota home care workers joined together in union, determined to raise wages and fight for quality home care for our seniors.Working people in Seattle fought for and won a $15 minimum wage for 100,000 people, and other cities are poised to do the same. Across our nation adjunct professors, airport workers, security officers, hospital workers, Walmart workers and other service-sector workers are standing up and sticking together.All told, 6.7 million workers have achieved better pay since fast-food workers began striking less than two years ago, either through states or cities moving to raise minimum wages or through collective bargaining. These brave workers are building the momentum to raise wages and get our economy roaring again.Yet the prosperity of our nation and growth of our economy depend not just on economic justice. A vibrant economy cannot exist without vibrant American communities steeped in the fundamental American principles of liberty and justice for all.The taking of Mike Brown’s life in Ferguson, Missouri, only weeks ago reminds us that social and economic justice must go hand in hand for America to thrive. To solve these issues, we need opportunities for all Americans to fully participate in our economy and improve the quality of life for their families.That’s why we must also fix our broken immigration system and uphold and protect civil rights and democratic participation for all Americans, not just the wealthy few.We must remember that America is a nation founded on the dreams of immigrants. Today the opportunity to achieve the American dream is jeopardized by a broken immigration system and a Congress that refuses to fix it. The time has come for us to free those immigrants who exemplify the promise of America from the shadows and bring them into the light of our economy and society without fear.When working people stick together, we have the strength to ensure that both our democracy and our economy continue to grow and progress. When America’s working families rise, America rises.This Labor Day, we have so much more to celebrate than just the end of summer. So many brave Americans are uniting to raise wages, raise our communities and raise America. Their efforts and successes are shaping up to be the largest, boldest and most inclusive movement by and for working people that modern America has even seen.I believe in a rising America, where together we can create an economy that works for everyone and a democracy where everyone has a voice.Mary Kay Henry is the International President of Service Employees International Union (SEIU). MARY KAY HENRY Mary Kay Henry is the International President of the Service Employees International Union.center_img FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Billy Strings Adds 2018 Late Winter Tour Dates

first_imgToday, Billy Strings has added dates to his upcoming winter tour. The young guitar prodigy taking the bluegrass world by storm will kick things off on December 13th in Martinsville, Virginia, followed up with shows in Baltimore and Philadelphia on the 14th and 15th, respectively. From there, Billy Strings heads up to Stratton, Virginia, on December 16th before a stop at Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, on December 18th and Asbury Park, New Jersey, on December 19th. With two soon-to-be-announced shows on December 20th and 21st (the tour graphic notes these show will be announced on October 8th), Billy Strings will close out his upcoming late 2018 winter tour in Nashville, Tennessee, on December 22nd.For a full list of Billy Strings’ upcoming tour dates, head over to his official website.last_img read more

President signs Leahy-authored reauthorization of satellite TV licenses

first_imgPresident Obama has signed into law legislation authored by Senator Patrick Leahy to reauthorize satellite television licenses and to modernize satellite television services.  The legislation will particularly benefit Vermonters in Bennington and Windham counties, who now may be able to receive Burlington networks through DISH, in addition DirecTV.  The President signed the bill into law on Thursday.“Vermonters are connected by the programming the state’s networks provide to television viewers, and with this new law, they can depend on continued service from satellite television providers,” said Leahy.  “I urge DISH network to quickly work to exercise its new license to bring Burlington programming to Vermonters in Bennington and Windham counties. The news and information provided by Vermont stations to Vermonters should be available to consumers throughout the state.”The Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act (STELA) will reauthorize expiring statutory licenses that permit satellite providers to retransmit broadcast stations to consumers.  It will also modernize and simplify the licenses, while making adjustments that will encourage satellite providers to make more local content available.  The legislation includes a provision that will particularly benefit Bennington and Windham counties, allowing DISH Network viewers, like DirecTV viewers, to receive Vermont broadcast stations by satellite.  In addition, the legislation solves the so-called “cable phantom signal” problem which, if left unaddressed, would lead to higher prices and fewer regional stations for Vermont cable customers.Key provisions of the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act will:· Protect broadcasters’ multicast programming from distant signal duplication beginning on October 1, for multicast programming that existed as of March 31, 2010; and on January 1, 2011, for all other multicast programming.· Expand access to low power stations by broadening the license for low power stations to cover the entire local market.  Currently, a satellite provider can only carry a low power station within 20-35 miles of the station’s transmitter, which as a practical matter makes it nearly impossible for a satellite provider to use.· Improve the ability of satellite providers to serve short markets with local signals by fixing the “Grade B Bleed” issue in which an out-of-market station serves some households within a market, preventing a satellite carrier from using the distant signal license to provide an affiliate of that network to the entire DMA.· Expand access to public television by permitting a satellite provider to carry a noncommercial educational broadcast station from within a consumer’s state if the station is part of a state-wide network, even if the station is licensed to a community in a different local market. · Make numerous updates in the distant signal license to take account of the transition from analog to digital television and moves quasi-local signals (e.g., significantly viewed, local low power, special exceptions) from the distant signal license to the local license.· Address the “phantom signal” issue in which, under current law, cable providers may be required to pay royalty fees based on subscribers who do not receive the content for which the royalty is being paid. · Provide an incentive for DISH Network to provide local service in all 210 DMAs. · Extend the distant signal license until the end of 2014.Leahy chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, which held a hearing in March 2009 about the importance of ensuring television carriage in the digital age.  Leahy invited Vermont State Senator Robert Hartwell of Dorset, Vermont, to testify at the hearing.  Senator Hartwell testified about the importance of providing Vermonters in Bennington and Windham counties with access to Burlington stations through satellite television providers.Source: Leahy’s office. WASHINGTON (Friday, May 28, 2010) –# # # # #last_img read more

Trail Mix: Scott Miller and His Big Big World

first_imgThough he called Tennessee home for quite a while, Scott Miller has always been a Virginia boy. Heck, he even named his band The Commonwealth. After years away, during which Scott was on the road with The V-Roys and the aforementioned Commonwealth, recording for Sugar Hill Records and his own F.A.Y Recordings, and, most recently, collaborating with Rayna Gellert, formally of Uncle Earl, Scott has moved back to Virginia to his hometown of Swoope.Between recording and time on the road, Scott is now back on the 200 acre dairy farm on which he grew up. Scott’s hometown of Swoope is just outside Staunton in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. Having returned to his small town beginnings, Scott set about writing his new record, Big Big World. I recently caught up with Scott to chat a bit about both his hometown and some of his favorite spots on the road.BRO – Favorite hometown music venue?SM – I’d like to use my lifeline for this question. I grew up here and only moved back two years ago – and it goes without saying that Staunton has changed a bit from the 1970s/80s – so I am not familiar with the local scene. Hell, even back then – I actually grew up in Swoope – we’d rarely come to town, so I couldn’t have answered this question even back in the day. In all my years of touring, I managed to avoid playing back in the area when I grew up because playing in front of family, high school teachers, and a Scoutmaster brings together worlds that freak me out. Stupid, I know. Mea cupla.BRO – How about your favorite venue on the road? SM ­-  Wanna say which of your co-workers you like best? In public??? There are so many to choose from over the years as a performer and/or patron. The Down Home in Johnson City, Tennessee, is a favorite, as is The Southgate House in Newport, Kentucky. I just played The Ryman in Nashville again on this last tour, so let’s say THAT ONE. For now.BRO – Best local outdoor adventure? SM – Give me a canoe and the Cowpasture River in Bath County, please.BRO – One interesting fact about your hometown?SM – Staunton is the hometown of The Statler Brothers.BRO – Must see spot for a visiting out-of-towner? SM – Marino’s.  And bring cash. Debit cards are for phonies.BRO – Best spot for a post-show libation?SM – See above.You can catch Scott at The Southern Café & Music Hall in Charlottesville tonight.  Scott is then off to the Hanesbrands Theater in Winston-Salem tomorrow and then back to Roanoke at Kirk Avenue Music Hall on Saturday.For more dates and info on Big Big World, surf over to  Also, be sure to check out “Freightrain Heart/Stonewall Love” on this month’s Trail Mix.last_img read more

Brazilian Army Fires Rocket Launcher System Used in Defense of Capital

first_imgBy Dialogo July 14, 2011 The upgrades to the system presented by the Planalto Military Command (a major command of the Brazilian Army) at the installations of the 6th Multiple Rocket Launcher Group (6th GLMF) in Formosa, a city in the state of Goiás, near Brasilia, include longer-range rockets and a completely digital command-and-control vehicle. Four Astros II vehicles launched eleven demonstration projectiles on 7 July. A new generation of command-and-control vehicles for the Astros System has a digital display and auto-programmable controls, enabling the artillery command to fire missiles with only the touch of a button. According to Army Artillery Col. Valério Langer, “with the new technologies, the commands do everything more quickly and with more certainty that they are being executed. The new command-and-control vehicle is going to make it possible to execute launches with more agility, following the addition of a large computational capacity to the vehicle, which is equipped with integrated GPS and a high-precision coded radio signal, preventing enemies from understanding conversations between the soldiers and commanders of the operation.” Developed by the Brazilian firm Avibras over the last two decades, the Astros System vehicles were planned, built, and delivered to the Brazilian Army, representing an investment of 1.4 billion reais (around 896 million dollars). The system is considered one of the best area-saturation artillery rocket launcher systems currently available (range between thirty and eighty kilometers). Each battery includes an average of eight vehicles, including launchers, a rocket resupply vehicle, a service vehicle (office), and special command and fire-control vehicles, as well as communications services. The rockets range from SS-30s (thirty kilometers) to SS-80s (eighty kilometers), and a battery is capable of launching 196 SS-30s in sixteen seconds. This firepower, delivered with two thousand rockets, cannot be purchased separately or for less than 100 million reais (around 64 million dollars), a price that does not include radars, training of personnel, and post-sale assistance. Highly effective, the Astros System offers high mobility and the capacity to inflict heavy damage on enemy troop concentrations and strategic objectives such as industrial plants, refineries, and energy-generation plants. In the case of the 6th GLMF, the system has the important mission of defending Brasilia, the Brazilian capital.last_img read more

Lopez-Castro to lead CABA

first_img Lopez-Castro to lead CABA Miami attorney Corali Lopez-Castro took office as president of the Cuban American Bar Association in January.Lopez-Castro will be the organization’s second woman president and the first since Katherine Fernandez-Rundle, now Miami-Dade County’s state attorney, held the post 15 years ago.“Cori has been simply outstanding in everything she has done in our firm, CABA, and our community,” said John W. Kozyak, a partner at Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton, where Lopez-Castro works. “She is able to be, simultaneously, a wonderful lawyer, law-firm partner, mother, wife, and community leader.”Others who will serve on CABA’s board in 2006 are Elizabeth M. Hernandez, president-elect; Antonio C. Castro, immediate past president; Marlene Quintana, vice president; Roland Sanchez-Medina, Jr., vice president; Anna M. Hernandez, secretary; Sandra M. Ferrera, treasurer; Nelson C. Bellido; Raul Chacon; Manuel Garcia-Linares; Sergio L. Mendez; Sandra Ferrera; Victoria Mendez; Victoria del Pino; Roberto “Bob” Pardo; and Luis E. Suarez.Lopez-Castro, who was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, earned her law degree from the University of Miami and is married to Bradley Hornbacher and has three children: Maria, Lucy, and Ava. February 15, 2006 Regular News Lopez-Castro to lead CABAlast_img read more

Your Home Public Library hosts Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

first_imgYouth Services Librarian Maryse Quinn tells 12 News that the event allows kids to get up out of their seats and bring the story to life. In addition to reading from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the event brought some of those story elements to life with activities such as tea sampling, pin the grin on the Cheshire Cat, and flamingo croquet. “We aren’t making people sit in chair and not move at all so you’ve got a chance to get up and walk around and talk to people,” said Quinn. “We’ve got things built in where you literally have to get up and move around which is a switch from sitting in a classroom all day,” she said. JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — Your Home Public Library welcomed kids and their parents for a tea party Sunday, Mad Hatter’s tea party to be exact. Quinn says the activities also introduce children to cultural elements in the story that they may not be used to.last_img read more

Nigel Pearson: My battle against Covid-19, leaving Watford and desire to return to the game | Football News

first_imgAssistant Manager Craig Shakespeare (left) has also left Watford alongside Nigel PearsonImage:Pearson and assistant manager Craig Shakespeare (left) led an impressive turnaround at Watford Perhaps the hardest of all to cope with, has been his battle with coronavirus.He’s kept his illness secret until now, but it’s clear the virus was affecting him more and more as he battled to keep Watford in the Premier League in the summer. More importantly, it also threatened his life.“I had some heart issues, and then joint issues… it was a difficult time,” Pearson explains, his voice trailing off.- Advertisement – When asked directly how serious his health condition was, and how long he had spent in hospital, Pearson changed the subject quickly, and said: “I had plenty of tests.”But in truth by then, even though his heart irregularities had improved, his joint pain was debilitating. He often couldn’t move, had to be helped out of chairs by his wife, struggled to walk, and was sleeping all night and for much of the day.“It’s amazing what medication can do,” he says. “That was just one part of it, so dealing with the after-effects has been a bit of a journey back, but I’m making good progress.”Pearson says he is not sure whether his illness played a part in Watford’s decision to sack him with two games of the season to go, with the team three points clear of the bottom three.“I don’t know what the reason is, I was never given a reason. I presume it was just the owner’s decision to change,” he says.“I was furious at the time, obviously. I’d shown a lot of commitment – even when I lost my mum, I didn’t break stride at work.”He says it rankles all the more because of how he, and assistant Craig Shakespeare, improved the team and their survival chances. Watford were bottom of the Premier League, having won eight points from 15 games when he took over in December.“I think anyone would have taken going into the final game of the season with a fighting chance,” he says. “I was annoyed at the time. I’m not now, I don’t think about it much.” Nigel Pearson West Ham WatfordImage:Pearson was sacked by Watford with two matches of the 2019/20 Premier League season remaining “Through August and September, I was particularly unwell for sure. But the medication I’m on now is certainly helping a lot, and there’ll be a lot of people out there experiencing the same.”He’s still taking a range of medication, eight months after first catching the disease.Pearson says he was in the middle of a cluster of cases at Watford when the UK first went into lockdown. He caught the virus along with a number of other players and staff at the football club in the spring – long before the Premier League had been able to introduce its widespread testing procedures. “When I contracted Covid back in March, I wasn’t particularly unwell, didn’t have a lot of symptoms,” he says. “I didn’t feel quite right, but otherwise I felt fine. It’s something that has developed at a later date.”In fact, Pearson’s health was deteriorating just as football was returning for the restart and as he began the final nine games of the season, when Watford were outside the Premier League relegation places on goal difference.The Watford players noticed the difference – their usual ebullient, enthusiastic ‘Gaffer’, whose energy and motivational skills were key to the way he worked – looked exhausted and flat. He spent more time away from the training ground, though he battled on.“It wasn’t easy for sure, but I dealt with it because I had to,” he says. “The other choice was to walk away from the situation. I felt when I was in work, I was still contributing.“I missed a couple of press conferences, but there would be a number of people who didn’t know what was going on, because when I was in work I was trying to make sure I was going full tilt. When I got home it was a different matter.” Nigel Pearson and Adrian MariappaImage:Pearson tried his best to conceal his struggle with Covid-19 to those outside of the football club Pearson is determined he’ll manage at the top level again.“At some point in the future I’ll be fine. For the time being, I’m making a good recovery. Priorities at the moment are to ensure I’m ok. And I am,” he says.“When you experience something like that it puts things in perspective somewhat. I’ll be fine to be in the technical area again in the future I’m sure.”So does he think Watford would have stayed in the Premier League, if he hadn’t been sacked with two games to go?“We’d have backed ourselves for sure. But that’s an irrelevant question now,” he says.After all Pearson has been through in 2020 – and is still going through – he doesn’t have much time for hypotheticals and “what ifs”.Watford FC declined to comment when contacted by Sky Sports News with regards to Nigel Pearson’s departure from the club. – Advertisement – Throughout his football career, as player and manager, Nigel Pearson has exuded a strength of character that has often impressed, and at times infuriated. Opponents, chairmen and journalists alike will pay testimony to that.But this strong man admits that 2020 has tested his mental and physical resolve like never before. From the unexpected death of his mother in January, to his sacking by Watford with two games of the season to go in July, he acknowledges how tough it has been.- Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

Michael Owen’s Europa League predictions for Arsenal vs Valencia and Eintracht Frankfurt vs Chelsea

first_img Michael OwenWednesday 1 May 2019 12:00 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link454Shares Advertisement Michael Owen gives his thoughts on Arsenal and Chelsea’s Europe League chances (Getty/REX)The Europa League is back as Arsenal and Chelsea are both looking to secure positive results in the first leg of their semi-final ties.Unai Emery faces his former club as the Gunners host Valencia at the Emirates Stadium.Chelsea, meanwhile, travel to Germany as they face a tricky tie against Eintracht Frankfurt.Once again our Brand Ambassador Michael Owen shared his thoughts ahead of the action with BetVictor.ADVERTISEMENTARSENAL VS VALENCIA Chelsea will need Eden Hazard firing against Frankfurt (Getty Images)Chelsea have won 11 of their 12 Europa League games so far this season but I feel they will have to settle for a draw in Germany on Thursday against an Eintracht side who are unbeaten in their 10 previous home games in the Europa League.Blues boss Maurizio Sarri is unbeaten in his last 13 Europa League games and Chelsea have only lost one of their last 10 games against Bundesliga sides in all competition.Chelsea were good value for their point at Old Trafford on Sunday and I feel it will be honours even and all to play for back at Stamford Bridge next week.Michael’s prediction: Eintracht Frankfurt 1-1 ChelseaMichael Owen is a brand ambassador for BetVictor. For more tips from Michael read his column here.More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal Alexandre Lacazette will be looking to fire Arsenal past Valencia (EPA)Arsenal boss Unai Emery was Valencia coach for four seasons until 2012 and this is the fifth time the Gunners boss has reached the last four of the Europa League.AdvertisementAdvertisementIt won’t come as a surprise to hear that Valencia’s former Arsenal midfielder Francis Coquelin will miss the first leg through suspension and I feel the hosts will take a lead back to Spain for the second leg despite another poor performance on the road at the King Power Stadium on Sunday.Valencia have lost their last two La Liga games including a home loss to Eibar at the weekend.Arsenal may have also lost their last home game – Palace in the Premier League – but they are a formidable side at the Emirates and I will disappointed if they don’t take a lead to the Mestella next Thursday.Michael’s prediction: Arsenal 2-1 ValenciaEINTRACHT FRANKFURT VS CHELSEAcenter_img Michael Owen’s Europa League predictions for Arsenal vs Valencia and Eintracht Frankfurt vs Chelsea Comment Advertisementlast_img read more

PensionDanmark sees investment return halved compared to 2015

first_imgPensionDanmark has seen returns of up to 3.2% over the first half of the year, with the result viewed as satisfactory despite overall investment return halving compared to the same period in 2015.The Danish provider said its fund for members aged 40 returned 1.3% in the six months to June, while those aged 65 saw investments return 3.2 – overall equating to an investment return of DKK3.8bn (€510m).The result is significantly down over the same period in 2015, when the pre-tax return from investments stood at DKK7.9bn.However, the provider noted a significant improvement in the investment environment since the end of June, and said that the fund for those aged 40 and the investment option for those aged 65 had seen returns improve to 3.5% and 4.7%, respectively. Torben Möger Pedersen, chief executive of PensionsDanmark, nonetheless struck an upbeat tone.”Overall, we have achieved satisfying results in the first half-year, during which our investment portfolio once again proved robust despite the significant turbulence in the financial markets, while simultaneously managing to bring down administrative costs even further.”The provider said it had further seen its costs fall 10 to DKK142, and that assets under management had risen to DKK189bn.The growth was aided by continued increases in contributions to DKK6.4bn – up by DKK700m compared to a year ago.last_img read more