A pattern of instability emerging in Liberia UN relief official says

In a statement released in the capital Monrovia, the Special Humanitarian Coordinator for Liberia, Ross Mountain, said: “A pattern of instability, characterized by sporadic weapons fire, looting and human rights violations is emerging across the north-central Liberian counties of Bong, Lofa and Nimba.”Civilians fleeing violent clashes between government and rebel units in all three areas have created growing refugee problems, he said, including internally displaced persons and refugees who have fled into the Guinean town of Fassankoni.Mr. Mountain said that testimony collected from recently internally displaced persons by the United Nations indicates that acts of physical violence against civilians are continuing.”At a time when the United Nations and our non-governmental organization (NGO) partners have begun to make significant inroads in terms of access to civilians, it is disturbing that these pockets of insecurity remain,” he said. read more