US Airstrikes Kill 8 Policemen in Afghanistan

Rabat – Up to eight policemen have been killed in Afghanistan as a result of US airstrikes, officials said on Monday.The US has confirmed one airstrike, but insists the assault was in response to a threat.An initial airstrike killed one policeman late Sunday, while a follow-up strike targeting first responders killed at least seven others, said Rahimullah Khan, commander of the reserve police unit in Uruzgan. Afghanistan’s ToloNews also reported that the eight Afghan National Police (ANP) officers were killed at their checkpoint in central Uruzgan province.The US military command in Kabul has confirmed its warplanes conducted an airstrike in the area, but said those targeted were “individuals firing on, and posing a threat to” Afghan national security forces.Afghan security forces, with the support of US airstrikes and international advisers, continue to battle Taliban militants in the country. read more