Othman Benjelloun Morocco is Doing Well Despite Delay in Government Constitution

Casablanca —FinanceCom and BMCE President Othman Benjelloun says there are various reasons for which Morocco is continuing to excel despite the delay of the government’s formation following the October elections.“Morocco distinguishes itself clearly in the geopolitical, continental, Mediterranean and Arab landscapes, and the multidimensional reforms instituted under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI” the financial tycoon was quoted by Maghreb Arab Press (MAP) as saying. “Morocco’s constitutional institutions, and the sovereign at their head, are a considerable asset,” he said.  According to Benjelloun, Morocco’s strong foundation has allowed for continued stability despite the fact that Head of Government Benkirane has yet to form a government since the PJD’s win past October. “In other circumstances, the absence of a government following legislative elections […] could have constituted a major handicap for the conduct of the affairs of this country,” he said. But in Morocco“ no institutions have  gone vacant, even though the delay of the government’s constitution is regrettable,” he added. Benjelloun credits the king’s “intense work” during these last few months for the country’s continued steadiness. “These royal initiatives are encouraging and stimulating examples for all economic operators and the citizens of this country, so that Morocco remains a haven of peace, serenity and stability,” Benjelloun concluded. read more