Moroccan student engineer wins Les Défricheurs Award in France

Rabat – In a competition organized on Monday by the French weekly news and political magazine Le Point, Salah Ghamizi, a Moroccan student engineer at the “Ecole des Mines de Nancy” in France, won the “les Défricheurs” award for his start-up “Waza Education.”The Moroccan student was able to convince the jury – composed of experts and journalists of Le Point – of the innovative nature of his start-up that aims to improve and create a bridge between businesses and universities.During the five minutes allotted to him to explain his start-up, the Moroccan engineer student quickly managed to sway the jury and the public of his innovative business plan. In an interview with Le Point, Salah Ghamizi, said, “My father is a researcher teacher in Morocco.”“At the end of his career, he has conducted a lot of paperwork instead of looking for funding and partners. And when I arrived in France for my engineering studies, I found that the problem was not just in Moroccan, but a problem with all universities,” he added.Given these facts, the Moroccan student said that he found himself obliged to find a way to link research and enterprises.Ghamizi had already made his name in inventions and creativity.In 2014, he invented the “HandSpeaker,” a translation device for sign language, which is composed of a pair of gloves and a mobile application that translates the sign language into speech. Using sensors positioned on the digital glove, HandSpeaker translates the signals into spoken words by sending signals to the smartphone, which analyzes the motion of the glove, and transcribes them into words and phrases by a voice box.The 23 year-old student previously won the National Award of “entrepreneurial,” “Startem” price and the Bank of France contest “Créactiv’Est,” before taking his project “Hand-speaker” to the “World Cup,” organized by Enactus, organized in 2014 in Beijing, with participants from 38 countries.Asked by Le Point if Steve Jobs is a model to follow, the Moroccan inventor responded negatively, stressing that Salman Khan the better example to follow. The educator Salman Khan is the founder of Khan Academy, which is a non-profit educational organization created in 2006 with the aim of providing a “free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.” read more