New PenFinancial scholarship for incoming Brock students announced

Incoming Brock University students will benefit thanks to the generous creation of the PenFinancial Credit Union Community Leadership Scholarship, announced Monday morning.With eight locations across the Niagara region, PenFinancial encourages community involvement from the local students it supports. On Monday, PenFinancial Credit Union CEO presented Brock with a $25,000 cheque to create the new scholarship program, which will be open to students who have graduated from a secondary school within the Niagara region. Starting in 2016, each fall a $5,000 scholarship will be presented to a student entering a Brock University undergraduate program.It will be awarded to a student who demonstrates academic excellence and a high degree of leadership and commitment to the Niagara Community through volunteerism.“As a truly local financial institution, we are proud to celebrate Niagara youth who are making a difference by volunteering their time and talent to organizations across our communities,” said Bob Watson, PenFinancial Credit Union’s CEO. “Niagara is our home and we are committed to encouraging our next generation to continue to support not-for-profits that are building strong, caring and inclusive communities.”Students from Brock University’s Student Life and Community Experience Team joined President and Vice-Chancellor Jack Lightstone ­­during the cheque presentation Monday morning with Watson. The team works to provide Brock and the Niagara community with a broad range of community programs and services.Lightstone said the new scholarship helps Brock pursue its key goal of being a partner who helps strengthen the local community on many different levels.“We are extremely grateful to receive this commitment by PenFinancial Credit Union,” said Lightstone. “By directing this scholarship toward graduates from Niagara high schools, PenFinancial has become a partner as we work to help our best and brightest minds receive a post-secondary education. This is crucial if we are to develop our leaders of tomorrow.” read more