VIDEO: Concordia Is Now Afloat (Update)

first_imgzoom The underwater preliminary activities related to the beginning of the last phase of the refloating operation of the Concordia are in progress today, the salvage team informed earlier today. As informed, technicians are working to connect and tension the last 4 chains and 6 cables. The wreck is said to be in stable position and securely moored.The first day of the refloating operation of the Concordia has concluded successfully.Confirming technician’s estimations, the wreck is now afloat thanks to the buoyancy given by sponsons, 22 meters off the false sea bed, and it has been towed for about 30 meters eastwards.The wreck is securely moored and therefore the first phase of the refloating operations has now ended.Around and under the Concordia operations are still ongoing to connect some chains and cables to the sponsons, according to the update.The refloating operations of Concordia wreck started yesterday morning at 6 am.The Senior Salvage Master, Nick Sloane, reached the Remote Operations Center located on the Concordia with the rest of the team.The whole operation is expected to take about 6 or 7 days to complete.The departure of the Concordia from Giglio is currently scheduled for July 21st.Press Release, July 15th, 2014last_img read more