Senate agenda for May 27 meeting

The final Senate meeting for this academic year will take place on Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 3 p.m. in the Sankey Chamber. What follows is a summary of the agenda for this meeting.At this meeting, the names of graduands are approved for Spring Convocation in June, 2015.While Senate sets the academic policy of our university, its work, purpose and mission are supported and carried out by hundreds of people, filling numerous roles and completing tasks too numerous to list. Together we create an environment where students learn and achieve their goals. On behalf of Senate, thank you for your work.The Provost and Vice President Academic reports on two very important issues: the Province’s review of the funding formula for higher education and the province’s expansion of access to post secondary education with the announcement of a new campus through a York University- College partnership. Both governmental policies have potentially significant implications for Brock University. I encourage you to read the report to understand why Dr. McCartney says “It will be essential for all stakeholders at Brock to engage in extensive discussion, and undertake collaborative initiatives, in order to guarantee a vibrant future for Niagara’s university.”The Report of the Vice President Research is a slide show summary report on Canada’s New Open Access Policy and its implications for Brock researchers. View the slide show.Four decision items comprise the report of the Governance Committee. One item will take place in camera. It concerns a recommendation on the search for a new Brock University Chancellor. The remaining three decisions arise from recommendations of the Research and Scholarship Committee. These require changes to the Faculty Handbook and concern approvals for research Centres or Institutes.The Undergraduate Student Affairs Committee is recommending that Senate extend the Fall Break to the 2016-17 academic year.Additions to the course bank (Education, Sport Management) are recommended by the Undergraduate Program Committee in addition to a revision to the course notes for Tourism Management.The remaining standing committee reports all contain items of information:Research and Scholarship Policy Committee. The matter of the Review of the Centre for Sport Capacity i9s deferred to the next Senate because the committee failed to achieve quorum for a decision.Planning, Priorities and Budget Advisory Committee. The Board approved the proposed budget for 2015-16 and determine it would only approved balanced budgets in the future. Additionally, the Board approved the alternative plan for the expansion of the Goodman School, noting an additional need to raise $4 million.A plan to develop budget operational metrics and targets is under discussion to’ permit Senate and the Board of Trustees to determine more precisely the consistency between future budgets and academic policies, plans, and priorities, as well as their consonance with University goals.’Information Technology and Infrastructure Committee. Reports were received on multiple projects, including the Goodman School expansion, classroom modernization , the campus plan and the icloud strategy.Teaching and Learning Committee. Reports were received on multiple subjects, including the Pilot Academic Recovery Project and the clicker technology update.The Academic Review Committee is recommending the approval of the proposed PHD program in Child and Youth Studies.The committee reports that the Quality Council has:1. approved the MSc in Materials Physics (ISP)and that students will be enrolled in the program starting in September 20162. denied the PhD in Computer Science.The annual reports for each Senate standing committee are part of the record and establish in part, the agenda for Senate 2015-16.Respectfully submitted,Susan Sydor read more