Election 2017 Unopposed candidates on Tuesdays ballot

first_imgThese candidates ran unopposed on Tuesday’s general election ballot:CITY OF BATTLE GROUNDCouncilor, Position 1: Brian D. Munson. Councilor, Position 4: Adrian E. Cortes. Councilor, Position 5: Mike Dalesandro. Councilor, Position 6: Cherish DesRochers.CITY OF CAMASCouncilor, Ward 2, Position 2: Steven C. Hogan. Councilor, Ward 3, Position 2: Shannon Turk.CITY OF LA CENTERCouncilor, Position 3: T.R. (Randy) Williams.CITY OF RIDGEFIELDCouncilor, Position 1: Ron Onslow. Councilor, Position 4: Don Stose. Councilor, Position 6: John Main.CITY OF WASHOUGALCouncilor, Position 1: Brent Boger. Councilor, Position 3: Paul Greenlee. Councilor, Position 5: Raymond A. Kutch.TOWN OF YACOLTCouncilor, Position 1: Amy Boget. Councilor, Position 2: Tami Bryant. Councilor, Position 3: Malita Moseley. Councilor, Position 4: Herbert Noble.BATTLE GROUND PUBLIC SCHOOLSDistrict 1: Monty Anderson. District 5: Tina Lambert.CAMAS SCHOOL DISTRICTDistrict 1: Casey O’Dell. District 2: Julie Rotz. District 5: Tracey L. Malone.GREEN MOUNTAIN SCHOOL DISTRICTDirector, Position 2: Cameron Tormanen. Director, Position 3: Jeff Strong. Director, Position 5: Joyce Cooper.HOCKINSON SCHOOL DISTRICTDirector, District 2: Kathy Nordberg.LA CENTER SCHOOL DISTRICTDirector, District 2: Todd Jones.Director, District 3: Win Muffett.MOUNT PLEASANT SCHOOL DISTRICTDirector, Position 1: Nancy Kraus. Director, Position 2: Rachelle Louise Harding. Director, Position 5: Kate Stiles.RIDGEFIELD SCHOOL DISTRICTDirector, District 1: Emily Enquist.WASHOUGAL SCHOOL DISTRICTDirector, District 4: Cory D. Chase. Director, District 5: Ron F. Dinius.WOODLAND SCHOOL DISTRICTDirector, District 4: Matthew Donald. Director, District 5: Steven Madsen.EAST COUNTY FIRE & RESCUECommissioner, Position 1: Tom Gianatasio. Commissioner, Position 4: Martha Martin.FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT NO. 3Commissioner, Position 3: Dick Deleissagues.FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT NO. 6Commissioner, Position 1: Brad Lothspeich.FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT NO. 10Commissioner, Position 3: Danny L. Walling.FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT NO. 13Commissioner, Position 3: Louis Ferreira.CEMETERY DISTRICT NO. 1Commissioner, Position 1: William A. Zalpys.CEMETERY DISTRICT NO. 4Commissioner, Position 3: Bob McClellan.CEMETERY DISTRICT NO. 5Commissioner, Position 1: Vivian Mosby. Commissioner, Position 2: Bruce Summers.RIDGEFIELD PORT DISTRICTCommissioner, District 1: R. Bruce Wiseman.WOODLAND SWIMMING POOL AND RECREATION DISTRICTCommissioner, Position 2: Sharyn Crosby. Commissioner, Position 3: Rachael Stuart. Commissioner, Position 4: Bruce Hulett. Commissioner, Position 5: Shannon Tracy.last_img read more