We did it!

first_imgAs of Jan. 1, 2011, all workspaces in buildings managed by Harvard College Library Operations have achieved at least Green Leaf One certification from the University’s Office of Sustainability (OFS).Staff in Widener, Houghton, Lamont, Pusey, and Tozzer libraries were challenged to “go green” last February by the HCL Green Team, with the goal being 100 percent at level one by the first of the year.  The challenge was part of a University-wide initiative, the Green Office program, launched by the OFS.“The commitment by staff to this program has been exceptional,” said Andy Laplume, assistant director for project/building systems management and chairman of the HCL Green Team. “Throughout the libraries, staff took dozens of steps to green their workspaces, and found innovative ways to incorporate sustainability into their day-to-day work. Those efforts will benefit the libraries, and will ultimately help Harvard meet its sustainability goals.”The successful effort demanded close collaboration between Green Team members and staff. To help with the certification, each Green Team member worked directly with representatives from library offices, guiding them through the certification process, answering questions about Green Leaf requirements and offering advice on how to meet certification criteria.Several offices far surpassed the HCL goal by achieving Green Leaf Four.  HCL Operations, Human Resource Services, Communications, Office of the Librarian of Harvard College, and Houghton Library join only five other offices across the University at the program’s highest level.Access Services in Widener and Lamont and Tozzer Library achieved Green Leaf Three.HCL Information Technology Services, Financial Services, Imaging Services, Widener Library’s Middle Eastern and Slavic divisions, Services for Academic Programs, Reference Services and Learning Technology and Widener Collection Development achieved Green Leaf Two.HCL Collection Conservation, Harvard Map Collection Widener’s Judaica Division, and the Maps, Media, Data and Government Information unit achieved Green Leaf One.“I would like to extend my thanks to each member of the HCL Green Team – Thomas Bahr, George Clark, Tim Driscoll, Monique Duhaime, Sarah Kasten, Lars Klint, and chair Andy LaPlume – for their dedication and perseverance, and to all the HCL staff members who made an effort to meet the challenge and to further HCL’s ongoing commitment to sustainability,” said Paul Bellenoit, director of operations and security, who leads the library’s sustainability efforts.last_img read more

Paraplegic Candidate Madison Cawthorn Stands Up To Adversity at RNC

first_imgParalyzed from the waistdown from an auto accident, Congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn used a walker to raise himself out of his wheelchair and stand on stage last night at the RNC.https://www.850wftl.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Madison-Cawthorne-stands.mp3Cawthorn, who is just 25 and contemplated suicide at the age of 20, is hoping to fill the House seat in North Carolina vacated by White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Wednesday night at the RNC, the real estate investment CEO shared how he conquered adversity at 18 after a near-fatal car accident left paralyzed and wheelchair-bound.Cawthorn sent shockwaves through Washington in June when he unexpectedly won the GOP primary runoff in a North Carolina congressional seat left vacant by White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.“At 20, I thought about giving up. However, I knew I could still make a difference. My accident gave me new eyes to see, and new ears to hear,” he said on the third night of the convention, themed “Land of Heroes.”“At 20, I made a choice. In 2020, our country has a choice. We can give up on the American idea, or we can work together to make our imperfect union more perfect,” he continued.“I choose to fight for the future, to seize the high ground and retake the Shining City on a Hill. While the radical left wants to dismantle, defund, and destroy, Republicans, under President Trump’s leadership, want to rebuild, restore and renew,” he said.If he is elected this November, he will be the youngest member in Congress in over 200 years.last_img read more