NASA to release telescope with 100x times larger view than Hubble Telescope: All you need to know

first_imgThe National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced the development of a telescope with a view which would be 100 times larger than the Hubble Space Telescope. NASA’s  Agency Program Management Council said that it has decided to move forward with the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST) which will be launched in mid-2020’s.Paul Hertz, the director of NASA’s Astrophysics Division in Washington said, “WFIRST is designed to address science areas identified as top priorities by the astronomical community. The Wide-Field Instrument will give the telescope the ability to capture a single image with the depth and quality of Hubble, but covering 100 times the area. The coronagraph will provide revolutionary science, capturing the faint but direct images of distant gaseous worlds and super-Earths.”WFIRST will be used to understand dark matter and dark energy and their impact on the evolution of the universe. WFIRST will be able to measure the precise details of many spacial bodies along with their shapes, positions and will be able to track the distance between million of galaxies, calculating the distribution and growth of cosmic objects.last_img read more