Artist creates igloo from 322 old fridges

first_imgIf it’s not cold enough to make ice to make an igloo, you could always just use a fridge freezer to make ice. Better yet, you could cut out the middle man and use a bunch of fridges to make an igloo. That was the idea behind a sculpture created by German artist Ralf Schmerberg and on display in Hamburg, Germany called “Wastefulness is the biggest source of Energy.”The purpose behind Schmerberg’s igloo is to draw attention to energy use and climate change. That point is made clear by the huge electricity meter attached to the igloo, but its not the 322 old fridges alone that are drawing power. Entering the igloo, visitors will see old electronic devices including household appliances, kids toys and and fans turned on as well.As Wired points out, it’s ironic that the igloo is doing the very thing it is trying to fight against which is wasting energy. That’s a bit like burning down a house to make a point about using smoke detectors, but if awareness is what Ralf was after then he has achieved his goal. After all, an igloo made out of 322 old fridges has a tendency to draw some attention.Read more at Wired UKlast_img read more