UGA Studies Gymnasts

first_imgOver the years, gymnastics has become a sport for little women. No one knows why thatis, though, or even whether it’s good or bad. But Universityof Georgia scientists hope a new study will provide some answers.The scientists will study children 4 to 8 years old. They hope to find how intensiveathletics at a young age affects future health, said Rick Lewis, a foods and nutritionresearcher with the UGA College ofFamily and Consumer Sciences.Lewis will lead the $1.2 million study, which is funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.He and his UGA colleagues began researching gymnasts’ health in 1993. They studied thesport’s impact on women of college age and those in their 30s and 40s.They thought they’d find that gymnasts’ higher risk for eating disorders and amenorrhea(absence of menstruation) could lead to a loss of bone mineral and to osteoporosis as thewomen grow older.”Instead, we found they had a much higher bone mass than nongymnasts,” Lewissaid. That was true even though many of the college-age women restricted their foodintake.Since that study, Lewis has compared college gymnasts with their peers. And for thepast two years, he has researched a dozen girls between 8 and 12 years old.But in all the studies so far, the subjects had been gymnasts for many years already.That made it hard to gauge the sport’s true impact.In the first studies, “the older women had started gymnastics training at about 12years old,” Lewis said. “Most of today’s college gymnasts started training whenthey were 6. And the trend is to start as young as 4.”Lewis plans to study 50 girls between 4 and 8 years old during their first two years ofgymnastics training. A control group will include some girls highly active in other sportsand others involved only in recreational sports.”Over the years, gymnasts who compete in the Olympics have become shorter andshorter,” Lewis said. “Is that a result of restrictive eating patterns and theimpact of high-intensity gymnastics on bone development? Or were these young women alreadygenetically programmed to have smaller builds and denser bones?”The study will look at whether gymnasts’ bones may develop differently as a result oftheir activity.”It may be that their bodies trade off bone length for bone density,” Lewissaid. “By spending two years following children just beginning gymnastics, we canassess whether gymnastics blunts growth velocity and significantly alters growthfactors.”Lewis will also study the sport’s psychological effect. In trimming their food intaketo stay thin, do young gymnasts develop attitudes that could place them at risk for eatingdisorders later?”The common assumption is that young women who engage in activities such asgymnastics and ballet are at especially high risk for developing eating disorders,”Lewis said. “But no large-scale studies of this issue have been conducted.”Young gymnasts do score higher on tests that indicate a higher risk of these problems.”But these scores may actually mean they have a healthy attention to mattersimportant to achieving athletic excellence,” Lewis said, “such as avoidingexcess body fat.”Young gymnasts eat fewer calories and calcium than is recommended for girls their ageand size. But so do girls who aren’t gymnasts.Lewis said it’s critical to study gymnasts’ dietary habits and energy expenditurebefore they begin training. And it’s vital to follow them over time and compare them withgirls with other and less intensive sports roles.By doing that, he said, “we should have a much clearer picture of the rolegymnastics plays in the diet of girls who excel in this sport.”last_img read more

Deery Brothers Automotive Group in 28th season as IMCA Late Model tour sponsor

first_imgIMCA Late Models have enjoyed tour title sponsorship of the Deery Brothers Automotive Group for the last 28 of their 33 seasons. The 498th event in tour history is scheduled Aug. 24 at West Liberty, with dates at Boone, West Burlington and Davenport completing the 2019 campaign. The largest retailer of new and pre-driven cars, trucks and vans in Iowa with 14 locations and more than 5,000 vehicles in stock, Deery Brothers again furnishes a portion of the $18,650 point fund to be paid to top 10 drivers in tour standings. WEST BURLINGTON, Iowa – The longest running Late Model tour in the Midwest nears another milestone, with the approach of the 500th event in Deery Brothers Summer Series history. Deery Brothers outlet and service centers are located in Ames, Cedar Falls, Iowa City, Maquoketa, Pleasant Hill, Waterloo, Waukee and West Burlington. Collision centers are located in Burlington, Cedar Falls, Maquoketa and Pleasant Hill.center_img The series champion earns a $5,000 share of that point fund. Six different drivers own wins through seven events so far this season and Darrel DeFrance of Marshalltown has maintained his perfect attendance streak from day one of the tour. “When you have been with a sponsor as long as we’ve been with the Deery Brothers Automotive Group, you celebrate a lot of milestones,” noted IMCA marketing and tour director Kevin Yoder. “Approaching our 500th series event is certainly some rare air and we couldn’t be more proud to fly the Deery flag over the track when it happens.”last_img read more

Team Liquid reveals new plans for custom-built training facility in Los Angeles

first_imgTeam Liquid, the U.S. based esports organisation has revealed plans for a brand new custom-built training facility in West Los Angeles.  Credit: Team LiquidThe new space will be 9,000 square foot in size, which will not only house a practice facility with scrim rooms and bootcamp space, but also offices for support staff, screening rooms and a dedicated space for Team Liquid’s in-house production company “1UP Studios”. The release also emphasises the space will promote a healthy work-life balance amongst players.The new interactive website features two videos with Steve “112” Arhancet introducing the grand plans. In one video he states that the concept of a gaming house in a residential neighbourhood with all staff and players is “antiquated” and outdated before stating that Team Liquid wants to “set a precedent for how players and staff integrate and operate like a real company”. The L.A. facility will effectively work as a North American hub, whilst Team Liquid also have a base in the Netherlands where European bootcamps will continue to take place. Arhancet continues: “I think that it’s really important that players have that separation between work and personal and are able to come to work and put the jersey on before going home to rest and relax in their own personal bedroom”.  The floor plan – Credit: Team LiquidTeam Liquid has not had a bad time of late. Last weekend, the esports organisation’s Dota 2 team won the largest esports tournament by prize money in history. The European squad defied all odds in battling through the lower bracket and sweeping Chinese squad Newbee in the grand final to take home no less than $10,000,000 between them. Additionally, Liquid’s LCS team avoided relegation thus, one would assume, effectively ensuring a franchise spot under Riot’s new League of Legends format for North America. The new plans sit in line with the new rules for franchises, whereby state of the art facilities must be provided to rosters competing in the new franchised NALCS. The interactive website has in depth information about each of the zones displayed above — which include extensive catering, rooms dedicated for team’s coaches and analysts as well as a “Challenger Room”, insinuating that Team Liquid is confident of picking up a franchise spot and thus holding an academy team in the NACS. “We’re levelling up the traditional model of the gaming house,” said Steve Arhancet, Co-CEO of Team Liquid. “The new Team Liquid Headquarters in Los Angeles will be a customised player training facility and office work space representing the next evolution of infrastructure for esports – a benefit for all of our ten teams. Our new HQ makes a statement about the culture of our organisation and the influence of our ownership group, aXiomatic. Player well-being is essential and the new space will not only be an effective work environment, but promote a healthier lifestyle and cross-pollination among teams.”Esports Insider says: From the initial plans, the new space looks awesome. It’s great to see Team Liquid forging the way and further professionalising the esports space with impressive plans. There’s going to be a lot going on in the L.A. base, that’s for sure.last_img read more