Parthenon Marbles website goes live

first_imgA new website will be launched next month to increase pressure on the British government to return the Parthenon Marbles to Greece. The International Organising Committee – AUSTRALIA – for the Restitution of the Parthenon Marbles will launch the website www.parthenonmarblesaustralia.org.au in Sydney on March 14. The International Organising Committee (Australia) for the Restitution of the Parthenon Marbles was the first organisation in the world to campaign for the marbles’ return. Founded by Mr Emanuel J Comino AM in 1981, the committee operates under the auspices of the Australian Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA). Mr Comino told Neos Kosmos that now the New Acropolis Museum was open, there was no excuse for Britain to retain the Marbles on the grounds that appropriate facilities to house the Marbles was not available in Greece. “Common sense is going to prevail one of these days. The British and Greek committees should sit down in a most respectful and in the friendliest manner possible and solve the matter. “With Greece going through difficult times the need for reconnecting with the values and ideas that helped the country establish as a beacon of the modern civilisation is more relevant than ever. The Parthenon Marbles remain an integral part of the Parthenon as a monument to the glory of classical Greece and the civilisation it gave to the world.” Dennis Tritaris, public affairs officer for AHEPA said: “This website will be a tool for education, for raising awareness, for promotion of our events and for special projects and interaction with the community. In combination with social networking tools the website will expand our network of members and supporters. Of the 115 block frieze that survives today, 50 meters is in the Acropolis Museum, 80 meters in the British Museum, one block in the Louvre, and other fragments are scattered in the museums of Palermo, the Vatican, Wurzburg, Vienna, Munich and Copenhagen. The new website, developed in conjunction with Orama Communications, will be launched during a special banquet dinner in Sydney on March 14. Venue: The Athenian Restaurant, 11 Barrack Street, Sydney 2000. 7pm. Tickets for the dinner cost $60. For further details contact Dennis Tritaris on 0423 825 905. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img

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