AL buries democracy Khaleda

first_imgKhaleda ZiaBNP chairperson Khaleda Zia on Wednesday blamed the 15th amendment to the constitution scrapping the election-time caretaker government system for what she termed one-party rule in the country.She alleged that there is no rule of law during the Awami League’s reign and that the people have been robbed of their voting rights.”The 15th amendment is the ghost of the BKSAL system that has led to establishment of the current misrule,” the BNP chief said in a message on the eve of what her party called “democracy killing day’.On 25 January 1975, the then AL government passed the 4th amendment to the constitution, introducing a one-party BKSAL system ‘to perpetuate its stay in power’, recalled Khaleda Zia, a former prime minister.”All newspapers except four loyal ones were banned… The spirit of democracy was thus killed,” the BNP leader said, arguing that the AL has the “tradition of destroying democracy”.She pointed out that fearing obvious defeat in fair elections, the AL had once again blocked the path of democracy by scrapping the caretaker government.The Khaleda-led BNP government inserted the system of poll-time administration into the constitution through 13th amendment, following a movement launched by the AL, its allies and Jamaat-e-Islami in 1996. The 15th amendment, made during prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s period in 2011, dropped the system.The BNP chairperson said a system of “yes-manship” has been established with limitless power of the prime minister.”People’s freedom has been snatched away and social equity and balance has been damaged due to destruction of pluralism,” she observed, alleging that the sycophants of the regime have grabbed every sector.”Due to deteriorating law and order situation, the people’s peace, security, shelter, profession, business and trade — everything has fallen into a state of anarchy,” Khaleda said in her message.The BNP chief regretted that the AL government had not hesitated to put the country’s unity, integrity and sovereignty at stake, prolonging the “one-party barbaric rule”.Recalling that the “Sepoy-people’s revolution” on 7 November 1975 led to restoration of multi-party democracy, Khaleda Zia called for defeating the “BKSAL force” through required struggle to restore democracy again.In another message, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said the AL had replicated the BKSAL model by holding a one-sided manipulated election on 5 January 2014.He expressed determination to free democracy through people’s movement.last_img

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