Peru demonstrates attractions to Indian tourists

first_imgPeru is no longer an unknown tourist destination for the Indian tourist. In fact, it is now the land of hidden treasures, exactly what granted the nomenclature to the seminar organised  by the Commercial Office of Peru who named their presentation,’Peru: Empire of Hidden Treasures’.The conference showcased the beautiful landscape of the destination, highlighting specific tourist attractions like the Amazon jungle, the Andes mountain range, the architecture of Lima, ancient cultures and cities like Caral, Machu Picchu and the city of Cusco, leaving behind an indelible impression on the visitor.The striking richness of culture and heritage along with scintillating dazzle of beaches and highlands renders Peru an indispensable destination on the travel list of an Indian tourist.What interests one further is that Peru has been bestowed the title of World’s Best Culinary Destination for six consecutive times, including 2015, by the World Travel Awards. All attendees of the seminar were able to vouch for it, given the delicious Peruvian dishes they could enjoy at the event.Over the years, the number of Indian tourist to Peru has grown by 20% on an average, a statistics that is firmly established now, as highlighted by the Commercial Office of Peru. The changing tastes of the Indian traveller and the developing commercial and investment ties between the two countries are likely to promote this upward trend further. Peru has successfully portrayed itself to be one away from the hackneyed, giving a chance to explore the unexplored and imaginative.In terms of business travel, Free Trade Agreement is also underway, contributing to outbound travel from India to Peru.last_img

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