How to Increase Your App Adoption Rate with the Right Customer Training

first_imgLet’s face it: designing an app is difficult. But, what is more, difficult is to gain user adoption for your app.If your company already has an app or is planning to launch one soon, this article will help you identify some common reasons why customers are reluctant to adopt an app and what you can do to increase your user adoption rates with online training software.Challenges to User Adoption First, let’s discuss some challenges.Existing app stores do not have the dynamism that Google adds to web content discovery. There’s also a lack of a develop-for-discernibility approach that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) supports. Moreover, none of the existing endeavors by app store owners or by third parties to enhance app discovery has resulted in much change. As a result, a number of apps are still hidden from the eyes of the customers.This is just one side of the coin. According to a study, nearly 21 percent of apps downloaded in 2018 were used only once. An increase in the variety and accessibility of apps on the app store has also increased this percentage considerably. This means that even if a person downloads your app, you can’t be sure about them actually using it.Many companies often flaunt the number of downloads as proof of purchase. But, other than paid apps where downloads convert to actual dollars, downloads do not indicate usage and are very poor indicators of purchase.Read more: Utilizing Marketing Data to Create Emotional Customer LoyaltyWays to increase User App Adoption Getting customers to embrace your new app should be a breeze. After all, your company has put in a huge amount of funds in something that your managers consider is going to increase Customer Engagement and Loyalty toward your brand. With so much to achieve, you’d think that customers would embrace your new app with open arms. But, your customers are humans who perceive change as exertion. Another reason why your customers might be reluctant to adopt your app is that they simply don’t know how to use it.So, how do you persuade them to take the new technology plunge?Simple! Just take the “exertion” out of the implementation process and train your customers to make it an entertaining experience.Here are four ways of using your online training software to increase user adoption of your new app: 1. Educate your customers about the appIncluding a new platform suddenly into everyday work and life of your customers can be petrifying to them. This is particularly true when they’re anticipated to start using it almost instantly.Use your customer training software to offer proper training about the app. Introduce key features and highlight how using your app can solve most of their problems. By giving your customers valuable insights about your product, you’ll make them feel thought about and better equipped to make your app part of their routine lives. 2. Develop synchronized and bite-size trainingModern-day learners, especially Millennials, are always in search of short pieces of relevant and interactive training material. They may continue the learning process in the workplace and at home, on numerous devices, and on the move.So, when designing your training module, keep each unit bite-sized. Choose an online training platform that tracks learner progress, offers distinctive links for each lesson, and is mobile-friendly.For more applicability, offer synchronized training to consumers based on their in-app activities. For instance, if a consumer accesses reporting for the first time, you can message him/her or show a widget that links to your reporting lesson. 3. Use easy languageWhen designing training content, make sure that you use an easy language. Avoid using technical jargon or programming language which the majority of your customers might not understand.In most cases, your customers’ experience and background wouldn’t be the same as yours. So, handle them compassionately by using broad description based language. Also, if your customers are multilingual, consider developing your courses in different languages so that your message reaches everyone wide and clear. 4. Seek feedbackRequest feedback from your customers regardless of the duration for which they’ve been using your app. This will not only assist you in the continued improvement of your platform but will also prove to be an implausible technique to strengthen user engagement.Making your customers feel as if they’re a dynamic part of the use and prospective development of your app will embolden them to embrace it more openly.Key TakeawayThere’s no denying the fact that mobile apps have become a vital part of nearly every company’s business strategy. So, it’s important that your customers wholeheartedly accept your app and interact with it.Mobile apps have proved to be an exceptional source of building Customer Engagement and Loyalty towards a brand. So, encourage customers to adopt your app by offering bite-sized and just-in-time courses via your online training software.Also, allow your app to receive the rewards of customer feedback and carry on improving your platform for the pronounced adoption rate in the future. Keep in mind that when you empower your customers to participate in app development, the app is definite to gain huge prominence in the marketplace.Read more: Is SEO the Future of Successful Apps? 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