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This migrant caravan is not getting in. as the visuals cut from 2010’s recession to the protagonist moving into a new home, Jr. who said "The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice" (Applause) It bends towards justice I believe that But I also believe that the arc of our nation the arc of the world does not bend towards justice or freedom or equality or prosperity on its own It depends on us on the choices we make particularly at certain inflection points in history; particularly when big changes are happening and everything seems up for grabs And Class of 2016 you are graduating at such an inflection point Since the start of this new millennium youve already witnessed horrific terrorist attacks and war and a Great Recession Youve seen economic and technological and cultural shifts that are profoundly altering how we work and how we communicate how we live how we form families The pace of change is not subsiding; it is accelerating And these changes offer not only great opportunity but also great peril Fortunately your generation has everything it takes to lead this country toward a brighter future Im confident that you can make the right choices — away from fear and division and paralysis and toward cooperation and innovation and hope (Applause) Now partly Im confident because on average youre smarter and better educated than my generation — although we probably had better penmanship — (laughter) — and were certainly better spellers We did not have spell-check back in my day Youre not only better educated youve been more exposed to the world more exposed to other cultures Youre more diverse Youre more environmentally conscious You have a healthy skepticism for conventional wisdom So youve got the tools to lead us And precisely because I have so much confidence in you Im not going to spend the remainder of my time telling you exactly how youre going to make the world better Youll figure it out Youll look at things with fresher eyes unencumbered by the biases and blind spots and inertia and general crankiness of your parents and grandparents and old heads like me But I do have a couple of suggestions that you may find useful as you go out there and conquer the world Point number one: When you hear someone longing for the "good old days" take it with a grain of salt (Laughter and applause) Take it with a grain of salt We live in a great nation and we are rightly proud of our history We are beneficiaries of the labor and the grit and the courage of generations who came before But I guess it’s part of human nature especially in times of change and uncertainty to want to look backwards and long for some imaginary past when everything worked and the economy hummed and all politicians were wise and every kid was well-mannered and America pretty much did whatever it wanted around the world Guess what It aint so (Laughter) The "good old days" werent that great Yes there have been some stretches in our history where the economy grew much faster or when government ran more smoothly There were moments when immediately after World War II for example or the end of the Cold War when the world bent more easily to our will But those are sporadic those moments those episodes In fact by almost every measure America is better and the world is better than it was 50 years ago or 30 years ago or even eight years ago (Applause) And by the way I’m not — set aside 150 years ago pre-Civil War — theres a whole bunch of stuff there we could talk about Set aside life in the 50s when women and people of color were systematically excluded from big chunks of American life Since I graduated in 1983 — which isn’t that long ago — (laughter) — I’m just saying Since I graduated crime rates teenage pregnancy the share of Americans living in poverty — theyre all down The share of Americans with college educations have gone way up Our life expectancy has as well Blacks and Latinos have risen up the ranks in business and politics (Applause) More women are in the workforce (Applause) Theyre earning more money — although its long past time that we passed laws to make sure that women are getting the same pay for the same work as men (Applause) Meanwhile in the eight years since most of you started high school were also better off You and your fellow graduates are entering the job market with better prospects than any time since 2007 Twenty million more Americans know the financial security of health insurance Were less dependent on foreign oil Weve doubled the production of clean energy We have cut the high school dropout rate We’ve cut the deficit by two-thirds Marriage equality is the law of the land (Applause) And just as America is better the world is better than when I graduated Since I graduated an Iron Curtain fell apartheid ended Theres more democracy We virtually eliminated certain diseases like polio Weve cut extreme poverty drastically We’ve cut infant mortality by an enormous amount (Applause) Now I say all these things not to make you complacent Weve got a bunch of big problems to solve But I say it to point out that change has been a constant in our history And the reason America is better is because we didnt look backwards we didnt fear the future We seized the future and made it our own And thats exactly why its always been young people like you that have brought about big change — because you don’t fear the future That leads me to my second point: The world is more interconnected than ever before and its becoming more connected every day Building walls wont change that (Applause) Look as President my first responsibility is always the security and prosperity of the United States And as citizens we all rightly put our country first But if the past two decades have taught us anything its that the biggest challenges we face cannot be solved in isolation (Applause) When overseas states start falling apart they become breeding grounds for terrorists and ideologies of nihilism and despair that ultimately can reach our shores When developing countries dont have functioning health systems epidemics like Zika or Ebola can spread and threaten Americans too And a wall won’t stop that (Applause) If we want to close loopholes that allow large corporations and wealthy individuals to avoid paying their fair share of taxes weve got to have the cooperation of other countries in a global financial system to help enforce financial laws The point is to help ourselves weve got to help others — (applause) — not pull up the drawbridge and try to keep the world out (Applause) And engagement does not just mean deploying our military There are times where we must take military action to protect ourselves and our allies and we are in awe of and we are grateful for the men and women who make up the finest fighting force the world has ever known (Applause) But I worry if we think that the entire burden of our engagement with the world is up to the 1 percent who serve in our military and the rest of us can just sit back and do nothing They can’t shoulder the entire burden And engagement means using all the levers of our national power and rallying the world to take on our shared challenges You look at something like trade for example We live in an age of global supply chains and cargo ships that crisscross oceans and online commerce that can render borders obsolete And a lot of folks have legitimate concerns with the way globalization has progressed — that’s one of the changes that’s been taking place — jobs shipped overseas trade deals that sometimes put workers and businesses at a disadvantage But the answer isnt to stop trading with other countries In this global economy thats not even possible The answer is to do trade the right way by negotiating with other countries so that they raise their labor standards and their environmental standards; and we make sure they dont impose unfair tariffs on American goods or steal American intellectual property Thats how we make sure that international rules are consistent with our values — including human rights And ultimately that’s how we help raise wages here in America Thats how we help our workers compete on a level playing field Building walls won’t do that (Applause) It won’t boost our economy and it wont enhance our security either Isolating or disparaging Muslims suggesting that they should be treated differently when it comes to entering this country — (applause) — that is not just a betrayal of our values — (applause) — that’s not just a betrayal of who we are it would alienate the very communities at home and abroad who are our most important partners in the fight against violent extremism Suggesting that we can build an endless wall along our borders and blame our challenges on immigrants — that doesnt just run counter to our history as the worlds melting pot; it contradicts the evidence that our growth and our innovation and our dynamism has always been spurred by our ability to attract strivers from every corner of the globe That’s how we became America Why would we want to stop it now (Applause) AUDIENCE MEMBER: Four more years OBAMA: Can’t do it (Laughter) Which brings me to my third point: Facts evidence reason logic an understanding of science — these are good things (Applause) These are qualities you want in people making policy These are qualities you want to continue to cultivate in yourselves as citizens (Applause) That might seem obvious (Laughter) That’s why we honor Bill Moyers or Dr Burnell We traditionally have valued those things But if you were listening to todays political debate you might wonder where this strain of anti-intellectualism came from (Applause) So Class of 2016 let me be as clear as I can be In politics and in life ignorance is not a virtue (Applause) It’s not cool to not know what you’re talking about (Applause) That’s not keeping it real or telling it like it is (Laughter) That’s not challenging political correctness That’s just not knowing what you’re talking about (Applause) And yet we’ve become confused about this Look our nations Founders — Franklin Madison Hamilton Jefferson — they were born of the Enlightenment They sought to escape superstition and sectarianism and tribalism and no-nothingness (Applause) They believed in rational thought and experimentation and the capacity of informed citizens to master our own fates That is embedded in our constitutional design That spirit informed our inventors and our explorers the Edisons and the Wright Brothers and the George Washington Carvers and the Grace Hoppers and the Norman Borlaugs and the Steve Jobses That’s what built this country And today in every phone in one of your pockets — (laughter) — we have access to more information than at any time in human history at a touch of a button But ironically the flood of information hasnt made us more discerning of the truth In some ways its just made us more confident in our ignorance (Applause) We assume whatever is on the web must be true We search for sites that just reinforce our own predispositions Opinions masquerade as facts The wildest conspiracy theories are taken for gospel Now understand I am sure youve learned during your years of college — and if not you will learn soon — that there are a whole lot of folks who are book smart and have no common sense (Applause) That’s the truth Youll meet them if you haven’t already (Laughter) So the fact that theyve got a fancy degree — you got to talk to them to see whether they know what theyre talking about (Laughter) Qualities like kindness and compassion honesty hard work — they often matter more than technical skills or know-how (Applause) But when our leaders express a disdain for facts when theyre not held accountable for repeating falsehoods and just making stuff up while actual experts are dismissed as elitists then weve got a problem (Applause) You know it’s interesting that if we get sick we actually want to make sure the doctors have gone to medical school they know what theyre talking about (Applause) If we get on a plane we say we really want a pilot to be able to pilot the plane (Laughter) And yet in our public lives we certainly think "I don’t want somebody whos done it before" (Laughter and applause) The rejection of facts the rejection of reason and science — that is the path to decline It calls to mind the words of Carl Sagan who graduated high school here in New Jersey — (applause) — he said: "We can judge our progress by the courage of our questions and the depths of our answers our willingness to embrace what is true rather than what feels good" The debate around climate change is a perfect example of this Now I recognize it doesnt feel like the planet is warmer right now (Laughter) I understand There was hail when I landed in Newark (Laughter) (The wind starts blowing hard) (Laughter) But think about the climate change issue Every day there are officials in high office with responsibilities who mock the overwhelming consensus of the worlds scientists that human activities and the release of carbon dioxide and methane and other substances are altering our climate in profound and dangerous ways A while back you may have seen a United States senator trotted out a snowball during a floor speech in the middle of winter as "proof" that the world was not warming (Laughter) I mean listen climate change is not something subject to political spin There is evidence There are facts We can see it happening right now (Applause) If we dont act if we don’t follow through on the progress we made in Paris the progress we’ve been making here at home your generation will feel the brunt of this catastrophe So its up to you to insist upon and shape an informed debate Imagine if Benjamin Franklin had seen that senator with the snowball what he would think Imagine if your 5th grade science teacher had seen that (Laughter) Hed get a D (Laughter) And hes a senator (Laughter) Look I’m not suggesting that cold analysis and hard data are ultimately more important in life than passion or faith or love or loyalty I am suggesting that those highest expressions of our humanity can only flourish when our economy functions well and proposed budgets add up and our environment is protected And to accomplish those things to make collective decisions on behalf of a common good we have to use our heads We have to agree that facts and evidence matter And we got to hold our leaders and ourselves accountable to know what the heck theyre talking about (Applause) All right I only have two more points I know it’s getting cold and you guys have to graduate (Laughter) Point four: Have faith in democracy Look I know its not always pretty Really I know (Laughter) I’ve been living it But its how bit by bit generation by generation we have made progress in this nation That’s how we banned child labor That’s how we cleaned up our air and our water That’s how we passed programs like Social Security and Medicare that lifted millions of seniors out of poverty (Applause) None of these changes happened overnight They didnt happen because some charismatic leader got everybody suddenly to agree on everything It didnt happen because some massive political revolution occurred It actually happened over the course of years of advocacy and organizing and alliance-building and deal-making and the changing of public opinion It happened because ordinary Americans who cared participated in the political process AUDIENCE MEMBER: Because of you (Applause) OBAMA: Well that’s nice I mean I helped but — (applause) Look if you want to change this country for the better you better start participating I’ll give you an example on a lot of peoples minds right now — and thats the growing inequality in our economy Over much of the last century weve unleashed the strongest economic engine the world has ever seen but over the past few decades our economy has become more and more unequal The top 10 percent of earners now take in half of all income in the US In the past it used to be a top CEO made 20 or 30 times the income of the average worker Today its 300 times more And wages arent rising fast enough for millions of hardworking families Now if we want to reverse those trends there are a bunch of policies that would make a real difference We can raise the minimum wage (Applause) We can modernize our infrastructure We can invest in early childhood education We can make college more affordable (Applause) We can close tax loopholes on hedge fund managers and take that money and give tax breaks to help families with child care or retirement And if we did these things then wed help to restore the sense that hard work is rewarded and we could build an economy that truly works for everybody (Applause) Now the reason some of these things have not happened even though the majority of people approve of them is really simple It’s not because I wasnt proposing them It wasnt because the facts and the evidence showed they wouldn’t work It was because a huge chunk of Americans especially young people do not vote In 2014 voter turnout was the lowest since World War II Fewer than one in five young people showed up to vote — 2014 And the four who stayed home determined the course of this country just as much as the single one who voted Because apathy has consequences It determines who our Congress is It determines what policies they prioritize It even for example determines whether a really highly qualified Supreme Court nominee receives the courtesy of a hearing and a vote in the United States Senate (Applause) And yes big money in politics is a huge problem We’ve got to reduce its influence Yes special interests and lobbyists have disproportionate access to the corridors of power But contrary to what we hear sometimes from both the left as well as the right the system isnt as rigged as you think and it certainly is not as hopeless as you think Politicians care about being elected and they especially care about being reelected And if you vote and you elect a majority that represents your views you will get what you want And if you opt out or stop paying attention you wont Its that simple (Applause) It’s not that complicated Now one of the reasons that people dont vote is because they dont see the changes they were looking for right away Well guess what — none of the great strides in our history happened right away It took Thurgood Marshall and the NAACP decades to win Brown v Board of Education; and then another decade after that to secure the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act (Applause) And it took more time after that for it to start working It took a proud daughter of New Jersey Alice Paul years of organizing marches and hunger strikes and protests and drafting hundreds of pieces of legislation and writing letters and giving speeches and working with congressional leaders before she and other suffragettes finally helped win women the right to vote (Applause) Each stage along the way required compromise Sometimes you took half a loaf You forged allies Sometimes you lost on an issue and then you came back to fight another day Thats how democracy works So youve got to be committed to participating not just if you get immediate gratification but you got to be a citizen full-time all the time And if participation means voting and it means compromise and organizing and advocacy it also means listening to those who dont agree with you I know a couple years ago folks on this campus got upset that Condoleezza Rice was supposed to speak at a commencement Now I don’t think it’s a secret that I disagree with many of the foreign policies of Dr Rice and the previous administration But the notion that this community or the country would be better served by not hearing from a former Secretary of State or shutting out what she had to say — I believe thats misguided (Applause) I don’t think that’s how democracy works best when we’re not even willing to listen to each other (Applause) I believe that’s misguided If you disagree with somebody bring them in — (applause) — and ask them tough questions Hold their feet to the fire Make them defend their positions (Applause) If somebody has got a bad or offensive idea prove it wrong Engage it Debate it Stand up for what you believe in (Applause) Don’t be scared to take somebody on Don’t feel like you got to shut your ears off because you’re too fragile and somebody might offend your sensibilities Go at them if theyre not making any sense Use your logic and reason and words And by doing so youll strengthen your own position and youll hone your arguments And maybe youll learn something and realize you don’t know everything And you may have a new understanding not only about what your opponents believe but maybe what you believe Either way you win And more importantly our democracy wins (Applause) So anyway all right That’s it Class of 2016 — (laughter) — a few suggestions on how you can change the world Except maybe I’ve got one last suggestion (Applause) Just one And that is gear yourself for the long haul Whatever path you choose — business nonprofits government education health care the arts — whatever it is you’re going to have some setbacks You will deal occasionally with foolish people You will be frustrated Youll have a boss that’s not great You wont always get everything you want — at least not as fast as you want it So you have to stick with it You have to be persistent And success however small however incomplete success is still success I always tell my daughters you know better is good It may not be perfect it may not be great but it’s good That’s how progress happens — in societies and in our own lives So dont lose hope if sometimes you hit a roadblock Don’t lose hope in the face of naysayers And certainly dont let resistance make you cynical Cynicism is so easy and cynics dont accomplish much As a friend of mine who happens to be from New Jersey a guy named Bruce Springsteen once sang — (applause) — "they spend their lives waiting for a moment that just dont come" Dont let that be you Dont waste your time waiting If you doubt you can make a difference look at the impact some of your fellow graduates are already making Look at what Matthew is doing Look at somebody like Yasmin Ramadan who began organizing anti-bullying assemblies when she was 10 years old to help kids handle bias and discrimination and here at Rutgers helped found the Muslim Public Relations Council to work with administrators and police to promote inclusion (Applause) Look at somebody like Madison Little who grew up dealing with some health issues and started wondering what his care would have been like if he lived someplace else and so here at Rutgers he took charge of a student nonprofit and worked with folks in Australia and Cambodia and Uganda to address the AIDS epidemic "Our generation has so much energy to adapt and impact the world" he said "My peers give me a lot of hope that well overcome the obstacles we face in society" That’s you Is it any wonder that I am optimistic Throughout our history a new generation of Americans has reached up and bent the arc of history in the direction of more freedom and more opportunity and more justice And Class of 2016 it is your turn now — (applause) — to shape our nations destiny as well as your own So get to work Make sure the next 250 years are better than the last (Applause) Good luck God bless you God bless this country we love Thank you (Applause) Write to Katie Reilly at [email protected] who assisted him to the parking areaContreras-Castillo appeared in district court in Minot on Monday before Judge Todd Cresap for a status conference on Monday He managed to retain his Fatorda seat that he had won for the first time in 2012 AFP Salah had a remarkable first season with Liverpool “Many organisations and associations actually contacted me with invitations that took me there has said the defection of former Senate Minority Leader and moral conventions for the US complained that the Muslims were under-represented at the 492-member conference We are worried about the Muslims That constitutional amendment will make the federal government inviable in the coming years said BJP and RSS would provide all support to the government initiatives to restore peaceC against legislation for equal pay 29 budget report shows new fiscal problems "Ten weeks is the maximum we are going to be there Warner Bros Perhaps they were buoyed by the resume of director Patty Jenkins (Monster) or the words of star Gal Gadot at the panel: “I wanted to portray this character in a way that everyone could relate too “2009 squandered it often miles northwest of Roseau" Prachar said2 feet on April 18 Wednesday Wash “Closing our stores for racial bias training is just one step in a journey that requires dedication from every level of our company and partnerships in our local communitiesScreamride is how you take a boring-sounding (albeit popular) older franchise (Roller Coaster Tycoon) and transmogrify it into a madcap Austin Lee Russell Obokata maintains that her main finding of a new way to create stem cells is valid but admits making innocent mistakes in handling images and text in the papers So far no one has reported reproducing Obokata’s results The following exchange has been edited and condensed which has hosted the grand meal since 1934The police department presented its investigative file to the Ramsey County attorney’s office Monday morning to consider charges against Taylor and they say people can contribute at either for funeral and medical expenses urging them to vie for offices at the lowest levels as that is where they will make the most impact Mrs no matter how insignificant you think it may be said the mourning period was a mark of honour for Anenihcom In the past few weeks The attack was carried out by a male suicide bomber places where Saudi Arabia and the United States are trying to achieve important things around the world It maintained that the ward executives of LP in the two local government areas has no locus stand Already Tenn is an exception requiring three courses on LGBT health in its curriculumThe medical center which treats about 250 transgender patients has created the Transbuddy Patient Navigator program that assigns every transgender patient a helper to navigate the healthcare system The hospital also has a 24-hour transgender hotline"It takes a lot to get through the stress of coming out as a transgender person There are tremendous behavioral health needs" said Dr Jesse Ehrenfeld director of LGBT health at the center and a professor at the medical schoolPrivate insurers are also at the vanguard changing record-keeping systems so that for example a transgender man who has legally changed his identity documents but is still capable of getting pregnant will not be denied obstetrics and gynecology care"Right now we have three transgender men who are pregnant and they are going through ob-gyn care" said Mount Sinai’s Warren "They’re all insured by companies that completely understand It’s a work in progress"Following the denial by Commissioners of Finance and Accountants General of the 36 states of alleged claims by the former Minister of Finance Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala that they were part of the decision to withdraw and spend $2bn from Nigeria’s Excess Crude Account last December media aide to the former Minister Paul Nwabuikwu has alleged that her principal was merely facing public persecution The media aide stressed that the clarification by the commissioners on expenditure from the revenue account was an acknowledgment that “this is not an Okonjo-Iweala issue” He wondered why there are attempts to disparage the reputation of the former Coordinating Minister for the Economy According to him “The statement clearly shows that Federation Accounts Allocation Committee FAAC is a statutory body which is chaired by the Hon Minister of State for Finance in which all the states are represented Payments made were used for paying for petroleum subsidies for the Nigerian people and were approved by Mr President Therefore there is no question of mismanaging any resources here “For the avoidance of doubt at no time did Dr Okonjo-Iweala say that FAAC approved such expenditures What she said was that all these expenditures were discussed at FAAC meetings attended by Finance Commissioners from the 36 states It is therefore clear that there was no misrepresentation by Dr Okonjo-Iweala “The question before us is: why is there such an excessive attempt to batter her name in an attempt to damage her reputation It is clear as I said in my previous statement that the motive is malicious and very political and therefore will not succeed “If monies were used to pay for subsidies for the Nigerian people and duly approved why is Okonjo-Iweala’s name being battered in this way This persecution should stop” Nwabuikwu noted Governor Adams Oshiomhole and some others have consistently accused Okonjo-Iweala of spending from the excess crude account without authorization while she reigned as minister especially at large medical centers in big cities Updated Date: Apr 02 2018 22:02:54 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed according to a Reuters witness effectively hampering the development works in the city for the next two years America remains a very young nation — younger, As a general rule, He noted that the police would be contacted by his lawyers to pay for damages caused. 1942.

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