High-paleolatitude Late Cretaceous paleotemperatures: New data from James Ross Island, Antarctica

first_imgOxygen-isotope analysis of well-preserved macrofossils from the Santonian-Campanian of James Ross Island and the Maastrichtian of Vega Island, Antarctica, indicates that cool high-paleolatitude temperatures prevailed during the Late Cretaceous and suggests that cooling occurred between the Santonian-Campanian and the Maastrichtian. Although more than 50% of the material showed diagenetic alteration, 52 unaltered aragonite and calcite samples were analyzed. Mean δ18O and calculated paleotemperature values were -0.23‰ and 13.6 °C, respectively, for the Santonian-Campanian, and 0.66‰ and 11.7 °C, respectively, for the Maastrichtian. In conjunction with recent Late Cretaceous paleoclimatic data from high northern paleolatitudes, these data indicate the presence of cool polar regions with broad climatic zonation during the Late Cretaceous. This may have partly controlled faunal distributions.last_img read more

Seasonal and annual growth rates in the Antarctic fish Notothenia coriiceps Richardson

first_imgGrowth in Antarctic fishes is assumed to be seasonal but quantitative data are scarce. Growth rates in juvenile Notothenia coriiceps, a typical Antarctic fish, were measured using mark–recapture techniques and found to be greater when periods of liberty included summer and early autumn months and least when liberty was restricted to winter months. Weight specific growth rates ranged from −0.08–0.26% body weight day−1. Year class analysis and cohort analysis were attempted on serial samples of the population but proved ineffective methods for detecting seasonal growth in these slow growing fishes. A tentative description of the seasonal growth profile is proposed. Seasonality in growth indicates that some form of growth limitation is active; competing hypotheses of temperature and resource limitation are discussed. Annual growth rates in three year classes showed an inverse relationship with age. Parameters of the Pütter-von Bertalanffy growth equation were estimated. Comparison with other studies show the growth characteristics of N. coriiceps differ with geographical location but have not changed substantially at Signy Island over the past 25 years.last_img read more

Video: Ty Dillon ON driving in Nationwide race

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Aftermath, investigations of fatal accident recounted

first_img Junior Declan Sullivan died Oct. 27, 2010, after the scissor-lift from which he was filming football practice fell. He was a student videographer for the football team. In July, the University reached a settlement with IOSHA. The “knowing” violation was reduced to a “serious” violation and Notre Dame agreed to pay $42,000 in fines.  The Declan Drumm Sullivan Memorial Scholarship will assist students who are not only in financial need, but who also have demonstrated the Sullivan’s characteristics, such as an interest in filmmaking, service to under-privileged youth and creative writing. Vice President of Student Affairs Fr. Tom Doyle delivered the homily at the Mass. As he addressed the standing room only congregation, Doyle said the stories in scripture connected to Sullivan’s passion for storytelling through the lens of a camera. Hours after Sullivan’s death, the members of Fisher Hall gathered in the dorm chapel to begin to cope with the loss of a fellow member of their dorm and a friend of many. The report also identified eight recommendations for future action, including a new wind speed standard to operate lifts on campus. Jenkins said all of these recommendations would be put in place as soon as possible. “We have systems in place to make certain and that deal with issues of safety. Clearly in this instance, they failed,” Kelly said at the time. In a post-game press conference, Irish coach Brian Kelly took responsibility for the decision to host outdoor practice on the day of Sullivan’s death despite windy conditions. The University then entered into negotiations with IOSHA. One month later, Jenkins released the University’s own report on Sullivan’s death. Based on the information in the report, he said Notre Dame was “collectively responsible” for the accident. On Nov. 5, 2010, Jenkins sent an email to the student body in which he took full responsibility for Sullivan’s death. The atmosphere at that Saturday’s game was somber. When the crowd stood for a moment of silence in Sullivan’s honor, the only sound in the Stadium was the wind whipping against the American flag. During the game, the team played with shamrock decals bearing a small “DS” on their helmets, and many students wore buttons with the same symbol. Despite the controversy surrounding the accident, the Sullivans continue to heal one year later. IOSHA also issued five “serious” violations with fines totaling $22,500. These violations included failure to properly train student employees in how to operate a scissor lift. The Sullivan family gathered Saturday before the football game against USC for a dedication of a memorial to Sullivan. A plaque, two benches and several trees sit between the Guglielmino Athletics Complex and the LaBar Practice Field. “We found that Notre Dame did not establish and maintain conditions of work that were reasonably safe for its employees, that were free from recognized hazards that caused or were likely to cause serious injury,” Indiana Department of Labor commissioner Lori Torres said in a March 15 press conference. “In addition, by directing an untrained, student videographer to use the scissor lift during a period of time when the National Weather Service had issued an active wind advisory … the University knowingly exposed its employees to unsafe conditions.” The day after the tower fell, Director of Athletics Jack Swarbrick announced at a press conference the weekend’s home football game against Tulsa would be dedicated to the junior’s memory. One year ago today, the day began as an ordinary Wednesday. “We are conducting an investigation and we must be careful not to pre-judge its results, but I will say this: Declan Sullivan was entrusted to our care, and we failed to keep him safe,” Jenkins said in the e-mail. “We at Notre Dame — and ultimately I, as President — are responsible. Words cannot express our sorrow to the Sullivan family and to all involved.”center_img IOSHA found Notre Dame guilty of six violations, and the citations resulted in fines totaling $77,500. The violations included a “knowing” violation, meaning IOSHA found the University knowingly exposed its employees to unsafe conditions. The Indiana Department of Labor reported the University was fined $55,000 for this violation. While both the University and the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Association (IOSHA) investigated the accident, Notre Dame installed a remote video operating system at the football practice fields. The system was operational when the team began spring practice in March. Tonight, the residents of Fisher will gather again for a dorm mass at 10 p.m. in the chapel to remember Sullivan. Residents of Lewis Hall, home to Sullivan’s sister Wyn, will also attend the Mass. “I wanted to thank [Jenkins] for giving us a lot of leeway with this and really letting us do what we thought would best memorialize our son and brother,” Alison said. “And [Doyle] for really helping us every inch of the way with everything from the moment of the accident through the past year.” That night, the Notre Dame community gathered at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart for a Mass of Remembrance. More than 1,000 students filled the church, and a crowd of 1,000 more stood outside in the night. In addition to educational projects elsewhere, Notre Dame continues to remember Sullivan on campus. The University announced Wednesday in a press release it would fund an endowed scholarship in Sullivan’s name. Sullivan’s funeral was held Nov. 1, 2010, in his hometown of Buffalo Grove, Ill. The Financial Management Board, part of the Student Union, is also working to establish another scholarship in Sullivan’s name. Jenkins also announced a campaign in conjunction with the Indiana Department of Labor to provide better safety information for those who work with aerial lifts at other universities, colleges and high schools around the country. At the dedication, Declan’s mother, Alison Sullivan, said the University has stood by her family throughout the past year. Jenkins also announced the appointment of Peter Likins, former University of Arizona president, to lead an external review of Notre Dame’s investigation into Sullivan’s death. It ended with an unprecedented tragedy. Sullivan’s accident occurred at 4:50 p.m. at LaBar Practice Fields. He was transported to Memorial Hospital in South Bend, where he later died. University President Fr. John Jenkins notified students in an email that night. The memorial lies within sight of Sullivan’s accident one year ago. “Declan Sullivan has told great stories. His life has been a truly great story,” Doyle said in his homily. “Declan Sullivan and Jesus Christ invite us into the greatest story, the story of Jesus Christ’s love … that we are loved and that we are never truly alone.” The months following Sullivan’s death included the processes of both dealing with grief and investigating the causes of the accident. On March 15, 2011, the four-and-a-half month IOSHA investigation into Sullivan’s death came to a close. “We didn’t envision anything could be more perfect,” Alison said. “I think if [Declan] could see this, he would be in awe. He would say, ‘Gee, this is amazing. I love this. It’s epic.’”last_img read more

Historic CVPS hydro facility in St Johnsbury gets makeover

first_imgAn historic hydro-electric facility that has produced renewable energy for 81 years is getting a substantial overall starting today. Central Vermont Public Service is beginning extensive improvements to the company s Arnold Falls hydroelectric project, located on Mill Street along the Passumpsic River in Saint Johnsbury. The existing structures, similar to those originally constructed during the 19th Century for nearby mills, consist of two rock-filled, timber-crib dams with concrete abutments. Though the deteriorating timber dams will remain in place, new concrete dams will be built adjacent to them to ensure the facility s long-term future. This is a nice little site, producing an average of 1,112,328 kilo-watt hours of electricity annually over the past 10 years, CVPS spokesman Steve Costello said. At peak water flows, this facility can power 200 homes with clean, renewable energy. After construction, we expect slightly improved production, possibly as much as an additional 120,000 kilowatt-hours annually.The federally licensed generating station, which was built in 1928, includes two timber-crib dams separated by an island. The 189-foot north dam and 66-foot south dam consist of interlocked logs, which have a limited life span due to the riverine exposure and the inevitable decay of wood.CVPS made substantial repairs to the Arnold Falls dams in the 1940s. In 1976 and 1977, CVPS reconstructed the dams using logs from a local sawmill, and in recent years the company has made ongoing repairs. Compression of rotting logs has allowed the crest of the timber-crib structures to settle to the point that the improvements are necessary.The existing timber-crib dam structures will serve as coffer dams during construction. Although the timber-crib dams will remain submerged in the Passumpsic River after construction of the new dams, they will be somewhat visible and continue to represent the original structural design of the hydroelectric station. The new dams will be constructed one at a time, starting with the north dam. Bancroft Contracting Corp. of South Paris, Maine is expected to complete the project this fall.Each new dam will consist of a concrete structure cast in place immediately downstream of the existing timber-crib structures. Flashboards atop the north dam and a crest control system atop the south dam will stabilize the water level in the impoundment.Work on the $1.3 million project is not expected to reduce station generation during construction. We expect to be able to complete the project with minimal, if any, impact on power production, Costello said. That s good for our customers today, and the improvements mean the facility will continue to produce low-cost, no-emissions energy for our customers for years to come.The Arnold Falls facility is one of 20 owned and operated by CVPS across the state. Along with power supply contracts and other generation projects, they help provide CVPS customers with the lowest rates of any major utility in New England, according to the Edison Electric Institute, and Vermont with the lowest air emissions in the country.last_img read more

Plitvice Lakes National Park will provide scholarships to students in deficient occupations

first_imgAn agreement on cooperation and scholarships for students in deficient occupations was solemnly signed at the Hotel Jezero in Plitvice Lakes.The agreement was signed by Tomislav Kovačević, director of the Plitvice Lakes National Park and Šimo Pavlović, director of the Plitvice Lakes High School in Korenica. The director of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, Tomislav Kovačević, said in his welcome address that cooperation with Plitvice Lakes High School is connecting education with the economy through student scholarships, internships and employment opportunities, which makes working in tourism sustainable in the long run. “Scholarships for students who are educated in deficit occupations (chef, waiter, pastry chef and hotel and tourism technician) will result in the selection of the best candidates who will continue to work and improve in the Plitvice Lakes National Park after graduation. ” Kovacevic pointed out.The director of Plitvice Lakes High School Šimo Pavlović expressed satisfaction with the signed agreement, emphasizing that Plitvice Lakes High School is a school with a long tradition and quality educational programs in tourism and hospitality and that the Plitvice Lakes National Park will have a quality partner.The signing ceremony was also attended by the Minister of Environmental Protection and Energy Tomislav Ćorić, who praised the initiative of the director of the National Park “Plitvice Lakes” and pointed out that it represents a further step forward in the business of this public institution. “The cooperation of the Plitvice Lakes National Park with the Catering and Tourism School from Korenica is a good example of how a public institution takes care of future staff, so I appeal to the representatives of other institutions, to whom this is applicable, to try to ensure the availability of future staff.” Minister Ćorić pointed out.last_img read more

Central Java company exports double-decker buses to Bangladesh

first_img“I want the President and the finance minister to know that here in Central Java, we have already taken advantage of the incentives given by the government. We’ve already enjoyed the benefits; this is one of them.”Ganjar emphasized that the government would fully support the advancement of businesses, especially those focusing on exports, adding that he would help market Central Java’s products to other countries.“I will help. I can call ambassadors from prospective countries to help market these products. These [products] are exemplary, grand and no less competitive than other foreign products.”He added that the reason behind his support was in his opinion, export was one of the ways to accelerate economic growth in Central Java, especially as he had targeted Central Java’s economy to expand by 7 percent by 2023.According to the Central Java office of Statistics Indonesia (BPS), Central Java’s economy grew 5.41 percent in 2019, a slight improvement from the 5.31 percent recorded in 2018 and slightly better than Indonesia’s economic growth of 5.02 percent last year. (ydp) Topics : Central Java-based bus assembling company CV Laksana has exported 10 double-decker buses to Bangladesh after exporting about 200 executive buses to Fiji and Timor Leste last year.Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo and Semarang Regent Mudjirin took part in a ceremony to mark the shipment of the buses, held at the company’s factory in Semarang, Central Java, on Friday.“What’s exciting is that these [buses] are going to be exported. With a new design created by one of our own people, these buses have already been exported to several countries,” Ganjar said.center_img Laksana, which exported about 200 executive and double-decker buses to Fiji and Timor Leste in 2019, plans to export similar buses to the Philippines and Thailand as well.The government’s incentive of offering tax waivers for imported materials for export-oriented goods (KITE) — which exempted those materials from value-added tax (VAT), luxury goods tax (PPnBM) and excise fees — has significantly helped companies such as Laksana in exporting their products overseas, Ganjar said, adding that such incentives made his company’s buses more competitive in such countries as Bangladesh, Fiji and Timor Leste. “The process of obtaining [incentives] is faster; it took one hour [and] and everything was done.”Ganjar said he was happy the central government’s initiative to provide incentives was helpful for local companies.last_img read more

Saudi grand mufti: Ramadan evening, Eid prayers to be done at home amid coronavirus

first_imgSaudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al al-Sheikh, the highest religious authority in the country, said that Muslim prayers during Ramadan and for the subsequent Eid al-Fitr feast should be performed at home if the coronavirus outbreak continues, Saudi’s Okaz newspaper reported on Friday.”Ramadan’s Taraweeh [evening] prayer can be performed at home if it cannot be performed at mosques due to the preventive measures taken to fight the spread of coronavirus,” he said in response to a question, adding that the same applies for Eid prayers, according to the paper.The holy fasting month of Ramadan begins next week. Saudi Arabia in mid-March stopped people performing their five daily prayers and the weekly Friday prayer inside mosques as part of efforts to limit the spread of the coronavirus.On Thursday, the Prophet’s Mosque in the holy city of Medina said it was banning events which dispense evening meals in the mosque to those in need during Ramadan to break their daily fast.The kingdom has reported 6,380 cases of COVID-19, the highly contagious respiratory disease caused by the new coronavirus, and 83 deaths so far.Topics :last_img read more

Arsenal expect to complete George Lewis transfer after FA Cup final against Chelsea

first_imgAdvertisement Comment Arsenal are set to sign George Lewis (Pcture: Getty/Tromso)Arsenal are confident of wrapping up a deal for winger George Lewis but the club are set to wait until after the FA Cup final to complete the transfer.Lewis, 20, was handed a week’s trial at the club in March and he impressed so much that the club extended that by a further seven days.The Rwanda-born midfielder has spent the bulk of his career playing in Norway but he broke from a move to Fram Larvik in 2019 in a bid to move to a club in one of Europe’s top five leagues.Bournemouth showed interest in Lewis but Arsenal moved quickest to secure the winger and Goal report that they expect to complete a free transfer for the 20-year-old after Saturday’s game against Chelsea. ADVERTISEMENT Metro Sport ReporterThursday 30 Jul 2020 4:14 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link8.4kShares Arteta wants to overhaul his Arsenal squad (Picture: Getty)Lewis will become Mikel Arteta’s first signing of what is set to be a crucial summer for the Spaniard. AdvertisementAdvertisementThe winger is already in London and can easily undergo a medical at any time, as he’s waiting on the green light from the Gunners.Once Lewis is through the door, Arteta will look to bulk up his options in central midfield and in defence.Atletico Madrid midfielder Thomas Partey is a priority target but the Gunners are unwilling to activate his £45m release clause.Instead, Arsenal have offered around £22.5million, as well as midfielder Matteo Guendouzi. However, Atletico are not intereted in a swap deal and will not sell Partey unless a club activate his release clause, which they’re keen on removing by getting the midfielder to sign a new deal. MORE: Jack Grealish posts cryptic response to Manchester United links on Instagram Arsenal expect to complete George Lewis transfer after FA Cup final against Chelsea Advertisementlast_img read more