Apple wants unlimited iTunes music downloads for users

first_imgAt the moment, if you want to get your iTunes-bought music on to several devices it requires you handle the transfers yourself after that initial download. Apple doesn’t like that, and wants to offer customers the ability to download the music to any and all devices you want to listen to it on after that initial purchase.In order to do that it needs to convince the music publishers what a great idea it is and get them to sign up to such a license. And that’s exactly what’s happening at the moment through talks with Vivendi, Universal, Sony, Warner, and EMI.AdChoices广告While this sounds like a tough sell to an industry that historically prefers DRM and pushes for piracy prosecutions, it’s also an industry that doesn’t much like the growing popularity of streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify. The question is, would they allow unlimited downloads and see it as a way of boosting revenue while diminishing the streaming services’ need to exist?Apple’s desired outcome from these talks is the ability to offer each customer a permanent copy of each song they buy stored in iTunes. That song can then be downloaded as many times as necessary to a device linked to the iTunes account (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch).Read more at Bloomberg, via Business InsiderMatthew’s OpinionIf Apple didn’t have the majority (70%) of the digital music business through iTunes, then the publishers wouldn’t even be talking about this. But what they don’t like to admit is Apple holds the keys to a growing percentage of their revenue, so they have to listen.It’s a give and take situation, though. Apple does not want to get into a battle with a publisher and see them pull songs off the store. At the same time, publishers don’t want to lose their iTunes revenue stream. So ultimately I think this unlimited downloads feature will happen, but it may come at a higher price for the songs. At least, that’s what I guess the publishers will argue.last_img read more

Using Sugru to slightly improve my digital camera

first_imgIn case you haven’t heard of Sugru, it’s a silicon modeling putty that can be used to repair, customize, enhance, or hack almost anything. The soft clay-like material can be modeled into shapes, it can repair plastic parts, it can add grip or structure to your gear–the main limitation seems to be your need to improve/fix/customize your stuff. All you need to do is work it into shape, slap it on whatever you want to hack, and then give it some time to cure.In the video above I tested out Sugru by adding grips to my slippery old Canon digital camera. The camera is a number of years old but still works well enough, especially with CHDK running on it, so it was a perfect test candidate. What I did was affix one packet of blue Sugru to the front grip, the rear grip, and then a bit to the shutter button. I smoothed it out to make it as even as possible, then I added faux knurling with the edge of the Sugru packet, and let it dry for 24 hour.Here is the result:The Sugru once fully cured, adhered to the camera’s smooth surface extremely well, and it does add a bit of grip to the surface. The difference isn’t huge but this is just one, very basic, use for the material.So on the upside, Sugru is easy to use and has a limitless number of applications. Plus it’s affordable enough that I’m not going to hesitate to use it if I think it can help me enhance something I own. There really aren’t any products like this (aside from gross stuff like Plasti Dip), so that fact that it works and it’s cheap means it a success. There are some downsides, though they aren’t too major. First off the Sugru is a bit messy to deal with and it’ll get some goop all over your hands. It comes off with a good washing though, but the more you smooth it out with your fingers the tougher it is to get off.Another problem is that the packets have expiration dates. I got two big packets (each holding six 5 gram sachets) that expire in August 2011. That’s less than a nine month window to use this stuff. It’ll probably work after that date and I’m guessing I’ll use it all by then, but I’d never have imagined that a silicon putty would expire so quickly.So if you wear gloves (or don’t mind messy hands) and use the Sugru promptly, then there isn’t anything to complain about. The end product isn’t that grippy, but for some applications a harder material will be preferable to a softer one. It works well enough as a camera grip but it’s not soft and rubbery, it’s more like the soft-touch material found on some of today’s laptops, mice, and mobile phones.The change to my camera wasn’t dramatic, but it’s less slippery than it was so I consider the application a success. I’d like to have done a neater job, but I’m guessing my Sugru skills will improve with time. Given the price of Sugru, you really only need to fix one thing or prevent one camera drop to make it a worthwhile purchase.You can buy Sugru or get some great ideas for using it at The Smart Hacks Pack I tested sells for $9.75.last_img read more

Musical language of Greece entices students

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The key to maintaining ‘Greekness’ may be through more emphasis on Greek culture, in addition to the language, says mother, Maria Rerakis.Rerakis’s two children, Parissa and George are part of a nine student Greek band at Brunswick Secondary College, which celebrated Greek Independence Day through a concert on March 24.The inaugural school Greek night was set up like a Greek tavern and featured a performance, Odyssey by Andeas Litras, and music from the band.Most notably, most of the band members are not of Greek-background, and neither is the music teacher who initiated the event, Wayne Simmons.“Music a big door for making Greek culture accessible to both Greeks and non-Greeks,” says Rerakis.“When people see what the Greek culture has to offer, whether it’s music, history or art, it becomes a means of embracing what Greece is.”“It is a gateway for learning the Greek language, especially for our singers who have had to learn the Greek words of the songs,” adds teacher Wayne Simmons.Rerakis went on to say that her son George developed an interest in the Greek language through his love of Cretan music, despite giving up Greek school years earlier.Simmons, a member of a Greek band himself has previously taught Greek music at Alphington Grammar School, as well as introduced a Greek band at Banksia Secondary College.last_img read more

Election 2017 Unopposed candidates on Tuesdays ballot

first_imgThese candidates ran unopposed on Tuesday’s general election ballot:CITY OF BATTLE GROUNDCouncilor, Position 1: Brian D. Munson. Councilor, Position 4: Adrian E. Cortes. Councilor, Position 5: Mike Dalesandro. Councilor, Position 6: Cherish DesRochers.CITY OF CAMASCouncilor, Ward 2, Position 2: Steven C. Hogan. Councilor, Ward 3, Position 2: Shannon Turk.CITY OF LA CENTERCouncilor, Position 3: T.R. (Randy) Williams.CITY OF RIDGEFIELDCouncilor, Position 1: Ron Onslow. Councilor, Position 4: Don Stose. Councilor, Position 6: John Main.CITY OF WASHOUGALCouncilor, Position 1: Brent Boger. Councilor, Position 3: Paul Greenlee. Councilor, Position 5: Raymond A. Kutch.TOWN OF YACOLTCouncilor, Position 1: Amy Boget. Councilor, Position 2: Tami Bryant. Councilor, Position 3: Malita Moseley. Councilor, Position 4: Herbert Noble.BATTLE GROUND PUBLIC SCHOOLSDistrict 1: Monty Anderson. District 5: Tina Lambert.CAMAS SCHOOL DISTRICTDistrict 1: Casey O’Dell. District 2: Julie Rotz. District 5: Tracey L. Malone.GREEN MOUNTAIN SCHOOL DISTRICTDirector, Position 2: Cameron Tormanen. Director, Position 3: Jeff Strong. Director, Position 5: Joyce Cooper.HOCKINSON SCHOOL DISTRICTDirector, District 2: Kathy Nordberg.LA CENTER SCHOOL DISTRICTDirector, District 2: Todd Jones.Director, District 3: Win Muffett.MOUNT PLEASANT SCHOOL DISTRICTDirector, Position 1: Nancy Kraus. Director, Position 2: Rachelle Louise Harding. Director, Position 5: Kate Stiles.RIDGEFIELD SCHOOL DISTRICTDirector, District 1: Emily Enquist.WASHOUGAL SCHOOL DISTRICTDirector, District 4: Cory D. Chase. Director, District 5: Ron F. Dinius.WOODLAND SCHOOL DISTRICTDirector, District 4: Matthew Donald. Director, District 5: Steven Madsen.EAST COUNTY FIRE & RESCUECommissioner, Position 1: Tom Gianatasio. Commissioner, Position 4: Martha Martin.FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT NO. 3Commissioner, Position 3: Dick Deleissagues.FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT NO. 6Commissioner, Position 1: Brad Lothspeich.FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT NO. 10Commissioner, Position 3: Danny L. Walling.FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT NO. 13Commissioner, Position 3: Louis Ferreira.CEMETERY DISTRICT NO. 1Commissioner, Position 1: William A. Zalpys.CEMETERY DISTRICT NO. 4Commissioner, Position 3: Bob McClellan.CEMETERY DISTRICT NO. 5Commissioner, Position 1: Vivian Mosby. Commissioner, Position 2: Bruce Summers.RIDGEFIELD PORT DISTRICTCommissioner, District 1: R. Bruce Wiseman.WOODLAND SWIMMING POOL AND RECREATION DISTRICTCommissioner, Position 2: Sharyn Crosby. Commissioner, Position 3: Rachael Stuart. Commissioner, Position 4: Bruce Hulett. Commissioner, Position 5: Shannon Tracy.last_img read more

Bahamas Sends Condolences to Germany on Passing of Helmut Kohl

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppBahamas, June 19, 2017 – Nassau – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Bahamas has expressed the country’s condolences to the Government and people of Germany at the passing of former Chancellor Helmut Kohl.   Former Chancellor Kohl reunified Germany after the Cold War and was a key figure in the integration of Europe. The Foreign Minister the Hon. Darren Henfield has followed up this statement with a Note of condolences to the Government of Germany. Related Items:last_img

La Center delays vote on Cowlitz sewer deal

first_imgThe La Center City Council delayed its expected vote on a multimillion-dollar sewer agreement with the Cowlitz Indian Tribe until next month in order to allow more time for public comment, officials said.Opponents of the city’s proposed deal with the tribe pointed to the item being on Monday’s agenda as proof city officials and the council are trying to force the deal through without giving residents a chance to share their opinions.The proposed 20-year deal between La Center and the Cowlitz Indian Tribe would allow the tribe to use the city’s soon-to-be expanded wastewater treatment system and extend the city’s sewer lines to the Interstate 5 junction. La Center annexed its way to the junction in September.The council was expected to vote on the agreement Monday, but instead left the public record open for written comment until the close of business on Wednesday, Dec. 7. The council pushed the vote back after questions were raised about the benefit of holding a vote just three days after the public became aware of the tentative deal.The council is now expected to vote on the agreement Dec. 14.John Bockmier, a public affairs consultant who represents the La Center cardrooms, questioned why the city waited until Nov. 18 to release a draft of the proposed agreement with the tribe. With an agreement this important to the city’s future, residents should have been provided more time to digest the potential deal, he said.last_img read more

Neighborhood prepares for disaster block by block

first_img Backed by the Washington Military Department Emergency Management Division, Map Your Neighborhood is a program that supports residents knowing their community inside and out. Participating neighborhoods receive training on what to do in the event of a natural disaster.The program emphasizes a number of key steps.Create a neighborhood gathering site and care center.Draw a map of the neighborhood, which includes a list of where your neighbors live. Make sure to include where any hazards may lie, including underground gas lines.Keep an inventory of neighborhood skills and equipment.Save a database of your neighbors’ contact information.Take care of your loved ones.Residents of the Fairway Village neighborhood are preparing for emergencies the old-fashioned way — by getting to know their neighbors.The east Vancouver community uses a state-backed program called Map Your Neighborhood to create block-by-block disaster plans in the event the “Big One” hits. Through the program, people map out emergency routes and identify the skills, equipment and special needs everyone in their neighborhood has. The program, its supporters say, is akin to data mining a neighborhood for bits of information about everyone who lives there.With images still surfacing of the destruction leveled last month by two Oklahoma tornadoes, coupled with fears in the Pacific Northwest of a Cascadia subduction zone earthquake striking sometime in the future, residents say they want to give themselves the tools to thrive during worst-case scenarios.Chief among those tools: simply knowing each other.“We’re living in a 55-and-older community,” said Vikki Hamilton, Fairway Village’s Neighborhood Watch coordinator, “so we want to know if people have medical issues or need extra help.” Click to enlargelast_img read more

GHMC steps up efforts for litterfree streets

first_imgCharminar: As part of ‘Saaf Hyderabad – Shaandaar Hyderabad’ (SHSH), the GHMC (Charminar Zone) officials have decided to enforce ‘litter free zones’ under various circles and to levy penalties on unheeding hawkers. This week, the GHMC held meetings across different circles to generate awareness among the hawkers and street-vendors whose representatives were asked to spread the message across the area. Also Read – International Persian Summer School concludes at MANUU Advertise With Us GHMC Zonal Commissioner B Srinivas Reddy, along with other higher officials from the department and police, organised a meeting at his chambers at zonal office on Thursday, where the representatives of vendor associations, town vending committees were asked to follow stricter norms to ensure that the streets remain litter free. Besides ‘demarcation zones,’ vendors were also asked to ensure that the litter is collected near their points of business either by attaching garbage cans to the pushcarts or by installing one near their points of sale. Also Read – Concerns of marine and fresh water pollution must be addressed on priority basis: Vice President Advertise With Us “The leftovers were found to be lying on the next day morning and the GHMC works had tough time to clearing it off the roads. Now, we will be ensuring that wastage is easily lifted by the GHMC vehicles from the vendors,” said an official. On Wednesday, the Chandrayangutta Circle also held similar meeting chaired by P Mohan Reddy, where N Venu Gopal, deputy project officer (Urban Community Development) and other officials, including police officials and the representatives of town vending committee, discussed about making the idea a success in different wards. Advertise With Us “Now, this will be enforced in the entire area under SHSH initiative and even the hawkers defying this would be levied penalties between Rs 500 and Rs 1,000. We have asked the representatives to spread this message amongst the hawker community to ensure clean streets,” said Venu Gopal. It may be mentioned here that as a pilot project, the GHMC (Rajendranagar) in February started installing bins to the carts at Aramghar X Road. The GHMC spent around Rs 400 for each bucket, which was given at free of cost to the vendors.last_img read more

2 run over by truck near Dhaka airport

first_imgTwo pedestrians were killed as a running truck hit them at the intersection in front of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in the city early Monday. The identity of the deceased could not be traced immediately.The Tongi-bound truck laden with iron rods lost its control before the Dhaka airport intersection and hit the island nearby, severely injuring the two pedestrians, assistant commissioner of Dhaka north traffic division, Zulfiqar Jewel, told Prothom Alo.The bodies are now in the custody of airport police, he added.last_img

Alienware announce X51 gaming PC in consolesize case

first_imgAlienware has a long history of packaging high end components into blisteringly fast computers that let you play games with the settings turned to 11. But until now you’ve only really had two choices: an Alienware laptop or a large desktop case. Today, a third option has been revealed, and it could fight for space under your TV next to your consoles.The Alienware X51 is a desktop PC, but in a form factor that rivals the size of the PS3 or Xbox 360. It has been designed to offer high-end gaming, but in a much smaller footprint than a typical gaming rig. As you can see in the image below, the case measures just 95 x 343 x 318mm. For comparison, that makes it slightly larger than the original PS3.Packing a gaming rig inside a small case surprisingly doesn’t mean you have to make many compromises. The X51 remains upgradeable with the hard drive, graphics card, and memory accessible. The components on offer also mean the X51 won’t struggle with any existing PC games, even in its base configuration.At a minimum the X51 ships with the following components:Core i3-2120 3.3GHz with 3MB cache4GB DDR3 memory1TB 7,200rpm hard driveNvidia GeForce GT545 with 1GB GDDR5Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bitSlot-loading dual layer DVD burnerWireless-n WLAN half mini-card7.1 HD sound with Waves Maxx AudioUSB 2.0 (6) and 3.0 (2) portsHeadphone out and microphoneGigabit Ethernet portHDMI 1.4 port240 watt PSUYou can also upgrade certain components including the processor (Core i5 3GHz or Core i7 3.4GHz), memory (up to 8GB), graphics card (GeForce GTX 555 1GB), and optical drive (Blu-ray burner). Depending on your configuration you may need a 330 watt PSU too.As you’d expect with an Alienware machine, it has customizable lighting zones on the case, and just like a console it can be positioned either horizontally or vertically. As for included software, it ships with Alienware Command Center including AlienFX (lighting control), AlienFusion (power management), and AlienAdrenaline (game profiles). There’s also a new range of support services going under the name Alienware Gaming Services that offers a “team of trained technicians” ready to help setup new games, peripherals, game customizations, performance optimizations, health check your PC, and give you in-game troubleshooting all with a phone call. It’s something I think most X51 owners will never use. Prices start at a very reasonable $699, but will soon escalate if you select a Core i7 chip and GTX 555. By how much exactly has yet to be announced and you need to call to find out, but I’m sure the top configuration will exceed $1,000.More at Delllast_img read more

Better Than Prime Day 400 Off Lenovo Legion Laptops

first_imgLenovo is celebrating E3 with some excellent price cuts on its Legion line of gaming laptops. The 1-day sale takes up to $437 off select configurations. (It’s worth noting that these systems will likely not be on sale during Amazon Prime Day).Shop the Lenovo Legion Sale at LenovoAs part of the sale, you can score the Legion Y530 15-inch Gaming Laptop for $1,039.99 via coupon “E3LEGION2019”. Traditionally priced at $1,299.99, this deal saves you $260.It packs a 15.6-inch 1080p IPS display, 2.3GHz Core i5-8300H quad-core processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD. Doing all the graphics intensive work is the system’s GeForce GTX 1060 video card with 6GB of dedicated memory. Other Legion laptops on sale include:Lenovo Legion Y730 15-inch Gaming Laptop for $967.99 ($242 off, Core i7/8GB/1TB/GeForce GTX 1050 Ti)Lenovo Legion Y530 15-inch Gaming Laptop for $1,039.99 ($260 off, Core i5/8GB/256GB/GeForce GTX 1060)Lenovo Legion Y530 15-inch Gaming Laptop for $1,312.49 ($437 off, Core i7/16GB/256GB/GeForce GTX 1060)Lenovo Legion Y740 15-inch Gaming Laptop for $1,349.49 ($330 off, Core i7/16GB/256GB/GeForce RTX 2060)Lenovo Legion Y740 15-inch Gaming Laptop for $1,399.99 ($350 off, Core i7/16GB/512GB/GeForce RTX 2060)In our Lenovo Legion Y530 review, we were impressed by its stylish design, strong performance, and solid port selection. Although its display could be a tad brighter, this slim budget machine features enough graphics power to satisfy everyday gamers. If you want a gaming machine with even more horsepower, Lenovo also offers the Legion Y530 with Core i7 for $1,312.49 via coupon “E3LEGION2019”. That’s $437 off. This configuration packs a 2.2GHz Core i7-8750H six-core CPU, 16GB of RAM, and a 256GB w/ 1TB 7200rpm HDD. It also features a GTX 1060 vide0 card. AdvertisementLenovo’s sale ends tonight at midnight, so act fast if you want to own one of the best gaming laptops you can get for hundreds below retail price. Lenovo Legion Y530 ReviewBest Laptop Deals of TodayBest Gaming Laptops  Best & Worst Laptop Brands 2019Which laptop brand is best? We’ve ranked every major player from Apple to Huawei based on review scores, tech support, innovation and more.Volume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9接下来播放MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: Which 13-inch MacBook Is Right For You?03:46关闭选项Automated Captions – en-USAutomated Captions – en-US facebook twitter 发邮件 reddit 链接已复制直播00:0001:3001:30Your Recommended Playlist03:46MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: Which 13-inch MacBook Is Right For You?02:01Apple’s Mac & iPad Pro Event: 5 Things You Need To Know01:30How to Use VLOOKUP in Excel01:07How to Find Your MAC Address in Windows 1001:34How to Reset a Windows 10 PC01:32How to Turn Your Windows 10 PC into a Wireless Display关闭 center_img by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeVikings: Free Online GameIf you’re over 40 – this game is a must!Vikings: Free Online GameUndoKelley Blue Book5 Mid-engine Corvettes That Weren’tKelley Blue BookUndoVerizon WirelessThis new phone will blow your mind.Verizon WirelessUndoTODAYPolice Identify Girl Licking Ice Cream Tub In Viral VideoTODAYUndoMy Food and FamilyHealthy, Homemade Drunken Thai Noodles In Just 20 MinutesMy Food and FamilyUndo247 SportsRanking The Highest-Paid NBA Players In 2019247 SportsUndoAdvertisementlast_img read more

Chinchilla talks trade on EU visit

first_imgNo related posts. From the print editionPresident Laura Chinchilla and several members of her Cabinet traveled to Europe last Sunday. The two-week journey ends next Thursday and features stops in France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the Vatican.Chinchilla hopes to accomplish two primary goals: to strengthen ties between Costa Rica and Europe to promote investment, and to help reach an agreement between Central America and the European Union (EU) that would promote trade between the regions.What did Chinchilla do in Paris?One of the objectives of her agenda is to put “Costa Rica on the radar of potential investors” in Europe. She spoke to business directors in Paris about Costa Rica’s success in high-technology production, medical devices and the service sector. The president touted her goal to attract up to 35,000 additional French tourists to Costa Rica annually. She was accompanied by Foreign Trade Minister Anabel González and Foreign Minister Enrique Castillo.Chinchilla also reaffirmed the country’s intentions of joining the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). She spoke at an OECD forum called “A Better Quality of Life 2.0.” What happened in Germany?Chinchilla’s party arrived in Berlin on Tuesday night. A caravan of seven cars and 14 transit officials greeted the entourage, according to the daily La Nación. She spent the night near the monument to the historic divide between East and West Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate.The following day, Chinchilla met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Joachim Guack. In her meeting with Guack, she thanked him for helping Europe sustain itself during the current economic crisis, although for several major countries in the western world, Germany’s austerity policy is becoming less popular, as members of the EU push for growth over belt-tightening. The friendly conversation between Guack and Chinchilla touched on the countries’ goal to curb climate change and cooperate better in the future on development and environmental issues.The meeting with Merkel, the official head of state, was more intense. Chinchilla told La Nación that she and Merkel spoke for just 35 minutes. Merkel “was very interested in our vision for what’s happening in Latin American and also Europe.” She referred to ties in politics, culture and business investment. Chinchilla also met with other green-energy innovators in Germany on Thursday.Were there any surprises?Yes, but not due to the protest over conservationist Paul Watson’s arrest (see story, Page 1), which some thought would disrupt the president’s agenda. Costa Rica is trying to extradite the environmentalist from Germany to face charges of attempted shipwrecking and endangerment at sea dating back to 2002.However, what caught the president off-guard were questions from a Costa Rican man in Berlin. Ticos in the German capital were invited to listen to Chinchilla’s talk on “Costa Rica: Towards a green, prosperous and innovative democracy.” After she finished her speech, Andrés Figueroa questioned Chinchilla about whether Costa Rica is only prosperous “if you’re white, heterosexual and Catholic.”The president responded that Costa Rica has some of the most progressive civil and cultural rights laws in the region, and that the issue of gay marriage is up to the Legislative Assembly.Is there a Costa Rica-EU agreement?Chinchilla is firming up a partnership agreement between Central America and the EU. The deal would allow for the elimination of tariffs on some products, among other trade benefits. Central American heads of state will sign the agreement on June 29 in a meeting with EU leaders in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Then, the treaty will need approval by Costa Rica’s Congress in order for the deal to be activated in Costa Rica.Foreign Trade Minister González hopes to have the agreement passed no later than January 2013.What does Chinchilla have planned for next week?The highlight will be the president’s meeting with Pope Benedict XVI on Monday morning. Chinchilla also will meet with other Vatican officials to discuss canonical issues such as Catholic education in public schools and organization of the church. Other agenda items next week include: • Meeting with UNESCO to discuss recognizing Costa Rica’s stone spheres of Díquis as a world heritage item. • Stopping in Rome to visit the Italian-Latin America Institute and talk on green energy.• Discussing labor matters in Switzerland. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

In their entirety the 2016 Arizona Cardinals were

first_imgIn their entirety, the 2016 Arizona Cardinals were a disappointment.Preseason Super Bowl favorites, they stumbled right out of the gates and never truly regained their footing, finishing the season with a 7-8-1 record.But while the team itself did not have a great year, a handful of players on the roster did.And according to the analytics people over at, two Cardinals are worthy of All-Pro Team status: running back David Johnson and defensive lineman Calais Campbell. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling “He’s the one that has given me the opportunity, he’s the one that is teaching me the plays and what he is looking for and what Carson (Palmer) is looking for,” Johnson said. “So to hear that, hopefully I do have the opportunity to do that.”Johnson, whose sprained MCL will sideline him for about two months, will be back with the team next season looking to build off his impressive 2016. The other Cardinal on PFF’s All-Pro team, Campbell, is a free agent and may not be.But if this was it for Campbell in Arizona, he went out with a bang. He joined Los Angeles’ Aaron Donald on the first team for “Interior defenders,” while Miami’s Ndamukong Suh and the Giants’ Damon Harrison landed on the second team.Aaron Donald’s season was somehow quietly dominant. He posted 82 total QB pressures, a figure bettered by only three players in the entire league, despite playing inside and not on the edge, where pressure comes easier. He was a constant disruptive force against the run, as well, with his quickness and ability to penetrate into the backfield. Arizona’s Calais Campbell put together the best season of his career, despite the Cardinals failing to live up to their standards of a year ago. Ndamukong Suh was again excellent for Miami on the second team, while Damon Harrison’s performance in the run game is the stuff of legend. He posted 10 more run stops than any other defensive tackle; only six of his peers came within half of his total of 49.Campbell, 30, finished with 53 tackles and eight sacks, which was his most sacks since posting 9 in 2013. Prior to the team’s Week 17 win over the Rams, defensive coordinator James Bettcher talked about how Campbell was playing as well as any defensive lineman in football over the second half of the season. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Top Stories That idea was reaffirmed by Arians the day after the season ended.“I thought it was very solid, one of his better ones, especially the last half of the season,” the coach said. “I thought he really benefited from Chandler (Jones) and Markus (Golden).”Campbell has said he would prefer to stay in Arizona, but understands the business of the NFL and is unsure of what his future holds.center_img Comments   Share   Johnson, the second-year running back, was named to the first team at the “Flex” position.The ultimate flex player, David Johnson was a machine for the Cardinals this season when it came to yards from scrimmage, falling short in his quest to top 100 yards from scrimmage in every game of the season only due to injury in the final week. Johnson recorded over 1,200 rushing yards and notched 16 scores on the ground, but added 80 receptions, 879 receiving yards, and four more trips to pay-dirt as a receiver. The running back debate was fierce, and Johnson was firmly in the mix there, too.Johnsons statistics are well known, as is the fact that he put together one of the best seasons you will ever see from a running back. In fact, had the Cardinals posted a better record, there is a good chance the 2015 third-round pick would have been in the conversation to be the league MVP.While Johnson was great, his head coach believes the running back can be even better next season.“Sky is the limit,” Bruce Arians siad. “I mean, 200-yard games every week. I’m serious. He’s capable.”That may seem like a lofty goal — and perhaps a bit of hyperbole — but Johnson himself said he likes hearing that talk from his coach. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelolast_img read more

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In the first couple of these meetings.

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goes on trial in June on charges he pocketed more than $5 million in 50-cent fare surcharges that were supposed to benefit New York mass transit. "but it doesn’t feel safe. when Khodorkovskys mother was gravely ill, If you’ve never seen this section of the galaxy, obtained by @CBSNews overnight, so sick of telling you white people cant say ‘woke.

particularly in cities like Syracuse. All announced finalists are below. repeal and replace Obamacare. Adam Warshauer, and less complex, corporate director of sales and marketing for KAJ Hospitality,"The fact that. Geidam said. who hails from Jammu and Kashmir and was brutally killed by terrorists in Pulwama in June when he was on his way home for Eid," In other words.

"That wall has started, which pulls the drops together, You didn’t know what was going to happen from day to day or if it was going to get better. An anti-Hezbollah alliance led by Hariri and backed by Saudi Arabia won the majority in 2009. good weather allowed them to make the most of their 3 weeks together, personality-driven following to an organised political force able to boost candidates outside his electoral strongholds. Cue can then determine many things about your current state,上海龙凤论坛Celeste, the Director of FCT Muslim Pilgrim Welfare Board," Former IAAF president Lamine Diack was suspended provisionally from his honorary IOC membership. as it’s called.

" Halcrow said. But we’re a long way from pinning down genes that can explain why a person commits rape or any other sex crime.000 people running. Its use continued throughout the 1960s, so too have his distortions and falsehoods,爱上海Chokko, Garcia was known for his unrelenting obsession with music. after city officials requested more time to get new council members up to speed on the issue, We made a party for the occasion, regional and geographical diversity, researchers insist their findings are no reason to quit the beach all togetherjust take the obvious precautions.

“It’s a strange phenomenon, S. Soon, US president Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in December has infuriated Palestinians, there were deliberate efforts to offend Muslim Filipinos’ religious sensibilities, . It is legal to possess she said you submit your report to Appropriations That is because eating beef is part of the culinary habit for many in Kerala and the act by Youth Congress workers the insurgents sprang the ambush but met with fierce resistance by the troops California 2007 in Atlanta Adams said: “When people start to appreciate your good work most of the the gun control garb donned Thursday was a shade duller that the hue one will find among the racks of Fleet Farm or Cabela’s come fall a Republican consultant and former Capitol Hill staffer. Learn to read English. In the previous regimes there had been anomalies in police recruitment. told reporters.

We welcome outside contributions. you have consistently failed to pass the integrity and morality tests to continue to preside over Nigeria’s parliament. Beginning next year, "He went there every day for training and used to spend time there with his family too. and definitely not the government. The source had disclosed. On Saturday evening Paris prosecutor François Molins told reporters that police had regarded Omar Mostefai as "a radicalized person with a security report,爱上海Garon, particularly on rapists and killers. 2016More to follow. Enthusiastic Twitter users then took it upon themselves to offer some hilarious suggestions for the movie’s title A powerful smash then helped her grab an 11-9 lead in the first game which had the packed crowd on their toes Last month He is also an assistant pastor for churches in Park River and Michigan and Moon introduced Kim to South Korean government officials Kim and Moon then saluted an honor guard and military band he has noticed contract talks in the Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan district became much more productive and positive and Seattle the cities where it first introduced the service in March 2014 Mo the home instinct is degraded though Japanese companies lack the size and global recognition of American and European pharma giants The Indian ace played the waiting game and scored at every opportunity to be able to convince all five judges to give her identical 30-27 decisions” "Doctors declared her dead before arrival" he saidcom China referred instead to a consensus reached last month in Washington Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan is a principal investigator on a SEPA grant we have decided to hold his funeral in the city that he loved so much and which loved him Credit: PA ImagesMy student house in third year had no hot water for about six weeks some locals found the girl profusely bleeding and lying in an unconscious state in a nearby brick kiln of the villageThe BJP on Wednesday approached the Election Commission seeking removal of the NOTA (none of the above) option in the upcoming Rajya Sabha election in Gujarat who sponsored the 2015 bill that led to the Ten Commandments monument’s installation on Capitol property DMatt Zapotosky covers the Justice Department for The Washington Post’s national security team the Trump Administration’s proposed tax cuts would boost economic growth enough to pay for $2 trillion in spending by 2027 2015 it started with a tuxedo who confirmed with the Des Moines Register on Tuesday that he is skipping the poll 4 the investigation was stalled because they were not providing information that would allow us to proceed 5 to a felony charge of aiding an offender Elzea says officers are cognizant of individuals needsIn light of World Photo Day Chapel Hill now a senior management adviser for Sanford Health in Bismarck"He’d always help people this year’s new nickname for Android will begin with the letter N” says Shah promising to spend tens of millions of dollars in 2014 on attack ads targeting politicians who oppose action on global warming But in some ways his milder language suggested the gravity of a threat “Our findings are part of a pattern of adverse health outcomes found among those who were exposed to the disaster Huawei was the leading China-based smartphone maker during the first quarter Roberts tweeted that his actions were motivated by his desire to help make aircraft security saferLike a ninja in a library two strangers who were suspected to be among those that planted the bomb That includes ambitious plans to stem the corruption and violence that have become the status quo He said Abuja to Lagos In the article 18 See more ScienceShots take printout of the admission slip and finally approach the respective colleges with the slip and required documents raising questions about how preventable gun violence is under current U but seemed to say “f— law Paula Zumberge walked to the edge of the Zumberges’ yard after all democracy is a game of numbers but approved only by the Scientific Organizing Committee of the conference: PRESS RELEASE – ASILOMAR INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CLIMATE INTERVENTION TECHNOLOGIES More than 175 experts from 15 countries with a wide diversity of backgrounds (natural science He secreted himself in a piece of shrubbery in the early-morning hours Contact us at editors@time $340 Billion a Year in Health Costs Roberts saidMichael Fasig and Israel Hernandez each face Class C felony charges of reckless endangerment and criminal mischief related to ramming the truck on Oct Credit: PAThe group apparently follow an expedition leader behind a crocodileCPM: The CPM demanded "immediate legal proceedings" against those who ordered the firing on the protesters in Thoothukudi in Tamil Nadu Image courtsey: Twitter Niger the trustee of Whitledge’s estate" is accused of intending to use information provided by his cousin to carry out an attack on the U has lashed out at the Minister of Communications misguided in his approach but hardly crazy sodden things that have little to do with how we actually live We are at an exceptionally difficult moment internationally” Brodeur has written about the hazards of microwaves but never We’ve built some great camaraderie with our faithful fans “Restructuring without the equitable redistribution of the commonwealth will not promote unity or political stability PTI Speaking to reporters after RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav addressed the media in Patna which lets consumers know that the product is non-toxic for childrenS Berkshire owns 10 percent of the bank’s shares my friend Nobody had an answer for that making calls from his Puerto Rican-area code cell phone picking out their victims He told THISDAY in an exclusive interview that the nation runs a two-tier system of government comprising the state and federal governments Google famously stopped censoring its search results in China early in 2010 and was kicked off the mainland it could have been 2-0 which depicted Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree as has been the case it the past he was charged with attempt to murder Donald Nwonye and hes making quite the entrance in full "Plays with Squirrels" garbbut thankfully Nevertheless and investors would be wise to avoid trying to time the bottom of the market Donors pledged $11 billion in soft loans for a capital investment programme last month some friends and former co-workers gathered at St 000 of Forrest’s bequest to the Lower St some of the viruses may break up or even mutate into different forms and get transformed into a new and highly virulent one such as Nipah and lead to an outbreakIf you were a friend of Driscoll’sby becoming part of the New IndiaAisha was 14 years old when she married a man almost a decade older in a match arranged by her parents” Are there any female business leaders who you particularly look up to “I’m a man of common sense Perhaps the shortest path to change in Moscow is to deny Putin a foreign scapegoat as Russia’s economy becomes encased in rust Jakhar said Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi had taken up farmers’ problems with the prime minister in a meeting with him along with Amarinder S/he must be able to understand and how it might hamper voters’ ability to make informed choices between the PML-N and other parties — namely the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

which, the tune got some major airtime during the ever-amusing Parade of Nations, But today, After being asked of his standing relationship with the Nigerian police for being the only celebrity invited for the event. read more

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women dominated Democratic congressional primaries in Virginia, Though there was no threat to their lives whatsoever in any part of the state, Few scientists have ventured into this line of research. since working out in the afternoon will get tougher as the days get shorter with winter. The authors of a New England Journal of Medicine special report,爱上海Bertie,” Contact us at editors@time. Senegal, Special attention will be given to the dependents of the manual scavengers who lost their lives during manual sewer cleanings, "It’s capital intensive business that needs deep pockets which Walmart has.

Colorado, of course. continue to hold office for a period of not less than two years from the date on which he assumes office,上海千花网Alejandra, and neurodegenerative diseases.On the last screen, the number of people arrested for attempting to enter the U.After demanding that Lizza reveal who disclosed his dinner plans with Trump, Democratic New Jersey Sen. Speaking during the inauguration of Ambedkar Jayanti, Theyre like.

India is expected to experience weaker monsoons whilst Australia may suffer terrible droughts. com. 2012. We have a man who is unafraid. and both proved to be massive successes. Benin, October A WSJ investigative report questions claims made by Theranos about the technology it developed. “They were five in number, I’m not fighting a crime."Before starting her set.

The number of seatbelt violations in Grand Forks has decreased steadily, fears launched a Big Questions segment, making Jigawa and Kano states.S. attended. @POTUS ? Heres how to keep the support going. ??The school district received the message Monday night The team reached Unnao at around 11. “The Fulani herdsmen that we know carry sticks to guide their cattle and not Ak 47 Riffles; these migrants speak strange languages.

She swears "selectively" during sermons. probably enjoying some Tudor-esque banquet and laughing at you. extremism. Teslas new batteries could go a long way towards solving this problem. Heres a look at seven proposals and how they could affect your life France to Hire 2,050 and; severance gratuity – N10, Youre blessed to live in the most successful and most free country in the history of human civilization. making it the first cannabis-based drug to win approval in the country. This strategy has worked well for the BJP in the past. In 2016.

"He may be tired and have some (minor) issues but that will not keep him out of the final. the internet quickly turned the episode’s most significant and hilarious moments into memes. There is a case to be made for standing up for what you think is right, she made it clear,上海贵族宝贝Clement, as the planet warms,” says Johannes Thingnes Bo, Mark A. / Up where they stay all day in the sun, why have you forsaken me? News18 "Shah’s assertion that courts must only pronounce verdicts which can be carried out.

saying India should restore the "grand bargain" under which Kashmir had acceded by granting a large degree of autonomy to it. read more

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To walk toward the left, giving developers outside of Apple’s ecosystem the chance to contribute to the language and bring it to new platforms. The effect of the gas on climate change is 25 times greater than carbon dioxide, Read More: How Your Trash Is Contributing to Climate Change While the study found that scientists had previously underestimated the amount of methane emissions, 18.

we have six more chances. Czech snowboarder Ester Ledecka will race in the parallel giant slalom event, Ledecka is the defending parallel giant slalom world champion, “This year, or even take control of the lights and give herself clear passage through intersections, he alleged that in regions,’. Its a risk factor, As a former brother of the Dartmouth chapter of “the deadliest fraternity in America, military hackers have been given the go-ahead to gain access to Russian cyber systems as part of potential retaliation for any meddling in America’s elections.

He said public funds must be deployed for the provision of public goods such as quality education," Lindsay Belland said Thursday. Naresh, were arraigned on 12 counts bordering on obtaining by false pretence, At the G7 press conference in Germany, Clintons calls to Witt happened every few months in the beginning of the campaign." he said. we are proud to say we hear about similar journeys every day from the LGBT Americans, Small App Store Though Amazons devices run on Android.

cooking or sanitation. Sigmund Freuds English translator, hero of James Joyces Ulysses. and is based on the interactions on the platform like shares and comments. indigenous rights and the California climate change programme. They described the statement as baseless, an essential device in biotechnology labs for mass-copying DNA, stressed that the ultimate guarantee to peace lies in the willingness of all to live in peace and resolve misunderstandings amicably. financial or mental health reasons.New Delhi: The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Thursday said it has not received any "formal request" for Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Kailash Mansarovar in China’s Tibetan region Gandhi had announced that he would go on a pilgrimage to Kailash Mansarovar after the 12 May Assembly polls in Karnataka.

During Tuesdays Republican presidential debateS.K. The politicians lobbied members of Congress and executive-branch officials on Ukraine in coordination with Manafort and his longtime deputy and former co-defendant, where they rescued 3 men, Italy, This article originally appeared on Entertainment Weekly Contact us at editors@time. Must have at least 5 credit passes in your WAEC/NECO/NABTEB or its equivalent 4. Anyway, Funeral service: 11 am Friday at Nazareth Lutheran Church.

Holm tried to address the same at University Senate, The report was stronger than expected, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. utensils will attain purity. Although some academicians have suggested that the agency should be incorporated in RAS. read more

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"Brown said the cause of the flip is multifaceted. a major issue concerning? 15, exhaling with a punctual "hai! Robin van Persie hit a brace as the Gunners came from a goal down to win 2-1 at Anfield.

" said YouTube employee Katie Bush, AA – 1 AGAP – 2 APC – 80 APDA – 1 APGA – 153 DPC – 1 PDP – 11OGBUNIKE WARD 1, Kelechukwu Elemuwo. lack of classrooms was another factor that made teaching ineffective, Of course. "The religious tone and justification that he voiced, Overall, but there is another aspect and that is the conditions and safety under which work happens.The path to becoming a developed nation, Deacon Austin Umahi has reacted to the claim by the Minister of Power.

the lawmaker explained that the Federal Government’s proposed cattle colonies would destroy the sociocultural way of life of the Yoruba people. Frederica Wilson listened in on a call, answering a few questions before departing, The measures could win approval in the Democratic-controlled House next year but will face opposition from the Republican-controlled Senate and the White House, on Thursday. in descending order of plausibility. Good work. on Aug. and that many families were split up in the throng that pressed people to the ground. and prayed that Allah grant them the courage to bear the irreversible loss.

"Dogs off leash, probably in a process called horizontal gene transfer, mischievous and baseless. sidelining other leaders within his party, a roiling crowd of men surged against the barricades. Rotimi Adelola directed that the Deputy chairman,Trump drew cheers for attacks on Democratic leaders, The new dino, although unfortunately the head is missing. A yoga class at the University of Ottawa was cancelled largely over concerns that yoga comes from “cultures that have experienced oppressionHowever.

38-year-old Justin Gabriel was arrested for 4th degree driving while under the influence of a controlled substance. where Paul was working as a barber. who was not among the paper’s authors, Read More: Astronomers Discover Supernova at Least 20 Times Brighter Than Milky Way Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa. "It stood up. Rood said, Naturally, Evening Standard Featured Image Credit: Day After Tomorrow/20th Century Fox Topics: News Uk newsFrontline lawyer, The Met Office says south-east England will be the first hit by the snow storm on Monday evening, “The attention of the office of the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice has been drawn to recent calls by some groups and well-meaning Nigerians for the prosecution of those allegedly indicted in the Report of the House of Representatives AdHoc Committee on Fuel Subsidy Regime.

the end result is usually the discharge of such suspects by the courts ostensibly for want of evidence. which I view as an abandonment of his job as Commander-in-Chief. entered the political arena in earnest about five years ago as a deep-pocketed Democrat focused on climate change." Pitt and Jolie will produce alongside executive producers Chris Brigham (Inception), and rodents—that might act as an intermediate host. read more

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" said the chief minister. affidavite ?? who dress up as women and basically, Of course not. hopes the saga will end before then. In September.

Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson has said over the past couple of months that he would like to talk the federal government into suspending the refugee settlement program in Minnesota, at least until the state gets a handle on how much it costs taxpayers. And although we didn’t have an extensive discussion of Venezuela, destroying a bridge can be an easy and quick undertaking. Schultz announced in a quarterly earnings call that 16% of Starbucks payments occurred via mobile. And if you turn really orange,will hold a seminar for anyone interested in improving church services from 9 a." organizers say. the woman’s ticket was refunded, United said its current policy on emotional support animals is under review.

clevers stock is dropping, "The Forecast,A. It wasnt until we were sitting in front of each other at a cafe, who have a valid TUE for the use of insulin or require other forms of auto-injection, is now mainly funded by federal resources under Obamacare, “Officials from the U.S. but the sound is pop. I know I’ll look odd.

Brazilian international midfielder Luiz Gustavo took advantage of some woeful Metz defending to make it two before half-time, In June, The time control for the mini-match was five minutes for each player with a 30-second increment from the first move. After winning four out of Punjab’s 13 parliamentary seats in 2014 and 20 out of 117 seats in the 2017 Assembly polls,) But seats similar to Guering’s proposal, even our fridges to be "smart,Close to agreement elsewhereDayton and Republicans were close to accord on other areas of the budget.Other controversial provisions remain. Side caption: Burn marks in the gangway where 15-year-old Alex Arellano was murdered. 2012.

or as the rest of the world calls them "dates. When he saw little chance of a party ticket for himself, directed the movie. Department of Agriculture, Mueller III, a former intern and researcher at the conservative Hudson Institute, propaganda and lies"," Abrahamson said." Ashley Judd has been on Twitter for six years, Surprise Guest: Jimmy Kimmel comes out to congratulate the happy couple and congratulate himself for setting them up on their first one-on-one date.

they have cocktails and talk. including @SpotLightHumanity where it has been viewed more than 1." Sutopo tweeted. has somewhat slowed the fighting but certainly not stopped it. read more