AAL Expands Multipurpose Fleet with Four Ships

first_imgSingapore-based shipping company AAL is expanding its multipurpose fleet with the addition of a number of Warnow-class (W-class) 33,271 dwt ‘mega-size’ vessels.A total of four vessels will join AAL’s fleet from October. Representing 133,000 dwt / 156,000 cbm of additional capacity, the new ships boost AAL’s operating tonnage to just below 740,000 dwt.Alongside additional W-class tonnage already employed in the fleet and multiple other MPV classes, the four units will boost the carrier’s global coverage, providing additional capacity on trades including Asia – Australia, Asia – Middle East – Europe and Asia – North America.As explained, the W-class fleet has the ability to accommodate multiple cargo types simultaneously – project cargo, breakbulk and dry bulk commodities – with five cargo holds and a significant individual cargo in-take of 39,000 cbm.“We’ve invested heavily in developing a global infrastructure, differentiated modern fleet profile and team of professionals worldwide,” Kyriacos Panayides, AAL’s Managing Director, commented, adding that this would enable the company to meet the demands of the global project industry.“Despite being in a position to cater for the long or short-term employment demands of any major project worldwide, we retain an appetite for further sustainable growth,” Panayides continued.AAL’s fleet currently comprises a total of 25 A-class, S-class, W-class and G-class multipurpose vessels.Related:AAL to Introduce Low Sulphur Surcharge Ahead of IMO 2020last_img read more

Reflections by Comrade Fidel: World Peace Hanging By A Thread

first_img Fidel Castro. Photo credit: globalresearch.caYesterday I had the satisfaction of having a pleasant conversation with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I had not seen him since 2006, more than five years ago, when he visited our country to participate in the 14th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement of Countries in Havana. During the summit, Cuba was elected for the second time as president of the organization for a three-year term. I had become gravely ill on July 26, 2006, a month and a half prior to the summit, and could barely sit up in bed. Many of the most distinguished leaders who participated in the event were kind enough to visit me. Chavez and Evo visited me several times. One afternoon four visitors came by whom I will always remember: UN Secretary General Kofi Annan; an old friend, Abdelaziz Buteflika, the president of Algeria; Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran; and the vice minister of Foreign Affairs and current Foreign Minister of China, Yang Jiechi, on behalf of the leader of the Communist Party and the president of China, Hu Jintao. It was really an important time for me; I was in the midst of intense physiotherapy on my right hand that I had seriously injured when I fell in Santa Clara. With all four I spoke about some of the difficulties facing the world at the time; problems that have become progressively more complex. During our meeting yesterday, I noted that the Iranian president was absolutely calm and tranquil, completely unconcerned about the Yankee threats and, fully confident in the capacity of his people to confront any aggression and in the effectiveness of their arms —which, in large part, they produce themselves— to inflict an unpayable price on its aggressors. In reality, we hardly spoke about the topic of war. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was focused on the ideas he had presented at the Main Hall of the University of Havana during his conference on the struggle of humankind: “Moving towards reaching and achieving peace, security, respect and human dignity as a fundamental desire of all human beings throughout history.”I am convinced that Iran will not commit any rash actions that might contribute to setting off a war. If a war were to be unleashed, it would inevitably be completely as a result of the recklessness and congenital irresponsibility of the Yankee Empire. I believe that the political situation surrounding Iran and the associated risks of a nuclear war that involves us all —regardless of whether one possess nuclear weapons— are extremely delicate because they threaten the very existence of our species. The Middle East has become the most troubled region on the planet, the same region that produces the energy resources vital for the world’s economy.The destructive power and the mass sufferings caused by some of the weapons used in World War Two led to a strong movement to ban weapons such as asphyxiating gas and others. Nevertheless, conflicting interests and the huge profits made by arms manufacturers led to the production of crueler and more destructive weapons; modern technology has now added the means and material to build weapons that if used in a world war would lead to extinction. I support the opinion, undoubtedly shared by all those with a basic sense of responsibility, that no country big or small has the right to possess nuclear weapons.They never should have been used to attack two defenseless cities such as Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing and irradiating with horrible and long-lasting effects hundreds of thousands of men, women and children, in a country that had already been militarily defeated.If fascism indeed forced the allied nations against Nazism to compete with this enemy of humanity in the production of such weapons, once the war ended and the United Nations was created, the first duty of this organization should have been to prohibit nuclear weapons without exception.However, the United States, the strongest and richest power, forced the rest of the world to follow its lead. Today, they have hundreds of satellites that spy and monitor the entire world from outer space. Their naval, air and land forces are equipped with thousands of nuclear weapons; and they control the world’s finances and investments at their whim via the International Monetary Fund. Analyzing the history of each Latin American nation, from Mexico to Patagonia, by way of Santo Domingo and Haiti, one can observe that each and every country, without exception, have suffered for 200 years, from the beginning of the 19th century up until today. And, in one way or another, they are increasingly suffering the worst crimes that power and force can commit against the rights of a people. Brilliant Latin American writers are emerging in an increasing number. One of them, Eduardo Galeano, author of the book Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent that describes the aforementioned, has just been invited to open the prestigious Casa de Las Americas Awards as a recognition to his outstanding body of work. Events happen incredibly fast; but technologies report them to the public even faster. On any given day, like today, important news comes out a dizzying pace. A cable report dated from January 11 states: “The Danish presidency of the European Union confirmed on Wednesday that a new series of more severe European sanctions against Iran, because of its nuclear program, will be discussed on January 23. The new sanctions will not only target the oil industry but also the Central Bank.” During a meeting with international journalists, Danish Foreign Minister Villy Soevndal said that “We will increase sanctions against the oil industry in addition to sanctions against financial structures.” This clearly demonstrates that, in order to impede nuclear proliferation, Israel can go on accumulating hundreds of nuclear warheads while Iran is not allowed to produce 20% enriched uranium. Another article, from a respected British news agency, states that “China gave no hint on Wednesday of giving ground to U.S. demands to curb Iran’s oil revenues, rejecting Washington’s sanctions on Tehran as overstepping …”The sheer tranquility with which the United States and civilized Europe carry out this campaign with incredible and systematic acts of terrorism is enough to shock anybody. Just look at these lines reported by another important European news agency: “The murder on Wednesday of Iranian nuclear specialist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan [a scientist at the Natanz nuclear plant] was the fourth attack to kill a leading scientist in the country in almost exactly two years.”On January 12, 2010: “Massoud Ali Mohammadi, a particle physics professor at Tehran University is killed when a booby-trapped motorcycle explodes outside his home in the capital.”On November 29, 2010: “Two attacks target leading Iranian nuclear scientists on the same day. Majid Shahriari, a key member of Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency, is killed in Tehran by a limpet bomb attached to his car. His colleague Fereydoon Abbasi Davani is also targeted by a bomb attached to his car, but escapes.” The car was parked in front of the Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran where both men worked as professors. On July 23, 2011: “Gunmen shoot dead Dariush Rezaei-Nejad, a senior scientist who is reportedly associated with the defense ministry, and wound his wife as they waited for their child outside a Tehran kindergarten.”On January 11, 2012 —the same day that Ahmadinejad travelled from Nicaragua to Cuba to give a conference at the University of Havana—, scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, “a deputy director at the Natanz nuclear enrichment facility, is killed in a car bomb blast outside the [Allameh Tabatabai] University in east Tehran.” As in previous years “Iran once again accused the United States and Israel.”The killings represent a systematic and selective slaughter of brilliant Iranian scientists. I have read articles by known Israeli sympathizers who write about crimes carried out by Israeli intelligence services in cooperation with the United States and NATO as if they were the most normal occurrence. At the same time, Moscow news agencies report that “Russia warned that in Syria a similar scenario is developing as to that in Libya, and added that this time the attack will be launched from neighboring Turkey.“The secretary of the Russian Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev, said the West wants to ‘punish Damascus not as much for repressing the opposition, but because it is unwilling to sever ties with Tehran.”“…NATO members and some Persian Gulf states, operating according to the Libya scenario, intend to move from indirect intervention in Syrian affairs to direct military intervention…This time the main strikes forces will not be provided by France, the U.K. or Italy, but possibly by neighboring Turkey.” “Washington and Ankara are now assumed to be negotiating a “no-fly” zone over Syria, where Syrian armed insurgents can be trained and concentrated, added Patrushev.” News is not only coming out of Iran and the Middle East, but also from other parts of Central Asia near the Middle East. These reports show the great complexity of the problems that can arise from this dangerous region. The United States has been led by its contradictory and absurd imperial policy to get involved in serious problems in countries such as Pakistan, whose borders with Afghanistan were drawn up by the colonialists without taking into account culture or ethnicities.In Afghanistan, which defended its independence against English colonialism for centuries, drug production has multiplied in the wake of the Yankee invasion. Meanwhile, European soldiers, supported by drone airplanes and armed with sophisticated US weapons, carry out deplorable massacres that increase the people’s hatred and ward off any possibilities of peace. All this and other dirty actions are also reported by Western news agencies.“WASHINGTON, January 12, 2012 – US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta called the actions of four U.S. marines who urinated on corpses in Afghanistan “utterly deplorable” The video of the act was circulated in the Internet. “’I have seen the footage, and I find the behavior depicted in it utterly deplorable…’ “’This conduct is entirely inappropriate for members of the United States military and does not reflect the standards of values our armed forces are sworn to uphold…’”In reality, Panetta neither confirms nor denies the action, and anyone, including the Secretary of Defense himself, may harbor doubt. But it is also extremely inhumane that men, women and children, or an Afghani combatant fighting against the foreign occupation, be murdered by bombs dropped by drone planes. Another very serious incident: dozens of Pakistani soldiers and officials who safeguarded the country’s borders have been killed by these bombs. Afghani President Karzai stated that the outrage committed against the bodies was “simply inhumane.” He asked for the US government “to urgently investigate the video and apply the most severe punishment to anyone found guilty in this crime.”Meanwhile Taliban spokespersons declared that “over the last ten years, hundreds of similar acts have been carried out that were not reported…”One even feels sorry for those soldiers, thousands of kilometers away from their family, friends and country, sent to fight in countries that they might not have even heard of during their school days, where they are assigned the task of killing or dying to enrich transnational companies, arms manufacturers and unscrupulous politicians who each year squander funds needed to feed and educate the uncountable millions of hungry and illiterate people around the world. Many of these soldiers, victims of the trauma suffered, end up taking their own lives. Is it an exaggeration to say that world peace is hanging by a thread?Fidel Castro RuzJanuary 12, 2012, 9:14 p.m. NewsRegional Reflections by Comrade Fidel: World Peace Hanging By A Thread by: – January 17, 2012 23 Views   no discussionslast_img read more

Build-A-Bear Workshop rolls out ‘Pay Your Age Day’

first_imgIndianapolis, In. — Thursday will be a very special day for The Build-A-Bear Workshop. For the first time ever, Thursday, July 12 will be “Pay Your Age Day.”All stores in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom will participate in the promotion.Store officials say the event was created to kick off the “Everyday Celebration of Birthdays.”As of July 12, customers who are 14-years-old and younger can pay their age for a Birthday Treat Bear during their birthday month- that is part of the “Count Their Candles” promotion.To participate shoppers must enroll in the rewards program. Full details of the program are here.last_img

Serena donates prize money to Australian fire

first_imgRelatedPosts Serena pulls out of Italian Open Serena heads to French Open with time running out for number 24 Serena dumped out of US Open Serena Williams has donated the prize money she received for winning a tennis tournament towards the Australian bushfire relief fund. On Sunday, the 23-time Grand Slam winner achieved her first title in three years, defeating fellow American, Jessica Pegula, to win the women’s singles final at the ASB Classic in Auckland, New Zealand. The new title is the first Williams has won since becoming a mother to her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., in September 2017. Following her win, it was revealed she is donating her $43,000 (£33,113) winner’s cheque in an effort to help combat the bushfires currently causing destruction across Australia. Williams’ husband, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, expressed his pride in his wife’s donation on Instagram. “What a start to the decade, @serenawilliams. We’re all so proud of you,”  the entrepreneur wrote. “And just when I think I can’t possibly be more proud, you donate all your prize money to fight the #australianbushfires.” The Australian bushfires have damaged or destroyed approximately 3,000 homes since September. At least 28 people and an estimated one billion animals have been killed as a result, with experts warning that some species of animal may have already become extinct.Tags: Alexis Olympia Ohanian JrAustralian bushfireJessica PegulaSerena Williamslast_img read more

Begovic targets starting role

first_imgNew Chelsea signing Asmir Begovic insists he has no desire to play second fiddle to first-choice goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois. Begovic joined the Blues from Premier League rivals Stoke on a four-year deal earlier this month following the departure of Petr Cech to Arsenal. The move has raised questions of Begovic’s motives, with Courtois firmly establishing himself as Chelsea’s number one custodian in their Barclays Premier League title triumph last season. However, Begovic, who had been Stoke’s first-choice keeper for the past four seasons, is keen to press his claims at Stamford Bridge this term. “I want to test myself against Thibaut, he’s one of the best goalkeepers in the world but I believe in myself. I want to try and get as many games as I can,” he said in several national newspapers. “Hopefully every time I can show everybody what I’m all about and ultimately help this team. We all have to play our part and at a club like this I think you get to do so. “There have been no guarantees. The challenge that’s here, the manager and players was what attracted to me and that was a big part of my decision. “I’ll back myself, absolutely. I’ll be keeping my head down and working hard to see how I can help this team in the future.” Begovic, who ended a five-and-a-half-year association with Stoke, has already noticed the jump in quality on his arrival at Chelsea. “Even after the first week you can see the quality here and how they can improve you with the ­levels and demands here,” he added. “It was difficult to leave Stoke after such a long time because of all the ties and relationships I had there. But this is definitely a step up.” center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

Demerara Mutual contributes $2.5M to final phase of NSSCL

first_img…says primary interest is the development of young people WITH their primary interest firmly towards the development of young people, the Demerara Mutual Life Assurance Society Limited yesterday underlined their commitment with the contribution of $2.5M to the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) for the final phase of the National Secondary Schools Cricket League (NSSCL), which is in its second year.The significant partnership between the two allies took place in the boardroom of the insurance company on Robb Street, where the company’s Executive Marketing Manager Clarence Perry handed over the cheque to president of the GCB, Drubahadur, in the presence of other GCB executives and the media.Perry in his remarks told the gathering that the company is pleased to be on board, with the continued development of cricket at the school level.“As a sponsor our primary interest is really to see development of youths, and particularly in the field of cricket,” Perry stated.He added, “As you know for every West Indian, cricket is something we cherish and we see this as an investment towards the overall goal of developing our young talents, and hopefully these young men can go on to represent us nationally, and also internationally, and once again return West Indies to where it used to be.”Drubahadur hailed the partnership as another huge step in fulfilling one of GCB’s mandates, which is to promote and develop cricket at the school level.He added that the GCB is aware that the wider student participation in the sport is vital for the development of cricket, both locally and regionally.The GCB president assured the insurance company that the game will be played, with the maximum amount of discipline, adding that the image of the company will not in any way be tarnished.GCB Marketing Manager Raj Singh dubbed the partnership a productive and decisive exercise, since close to $15M was budgeted for the completion of the tournament.Meanwhile, the board’s Territorial Development Officer, Colin Stuart, in an invited comment after the presentation ceremony, indicated that the NSSCL structure has been absorbing young talent while ensuring that at the school level enough quality cricket is played countrywide.He also stated that the NSSCL has enabled the GCB’s coaching personnel to identify and groom young talents.The final phase of the tournament will commence on Monday.last_img read more

The Latest: Indy 500 postponed until August

first_img___Four German soccer clubs have pledged 20 million euros ($21.9 million) to support other teams struggling to stay afloat after games in the country were suspended because of the coronavirus outbreak.Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Leipzig and Bayer Leverkusen will forgo 12.5 million euros ($13.7 million) in as-yet undistributed TV money and add another 7.5 million euros ($8.2 million) from their own funds. All four clubs played in the Champions League this season, giving them extra income.The German Football League, which oversees the top two divisions, will decide how the money is distributed. The league has previously said it fears many clubs could face financial collapse if games can’t resume.Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge says “in these difficult times, it’s important that the stronger shoulders support the weaker shoulders.” The Latest: Indy 500 postponed until August — Reporting by AP Sports Writer Tim Reynolds in Miami___Louisville says the father of junior wide receiver Corey Reed Jr. died Wednesday morning from coronavirus in an Atlanta hospital. Corey Reed Sr. was 43.Cardinals coach Scott Satterfield expressed “deepest condolences” to Reed and his family in a release and said the program is there to support them. Satterfield added, “This horrible virus has affected so many people, and it’s even more difficult when it touches someone in the UofL football family.”Reed caught eight passes for 145 yards in 13 games in 2017 and played in two contests the next season. He returned to Louisville this spring after transferring to Iowa Western Community College. ___More AP sports: https://apnews.com/apf-sports and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports,Tampa Bay Lightning advance to face Dallas Stars in Stanley Cup finals, beating New York Islanders 2-1 in OT in Game 6 The International Triathlon Union says it will try to find new dates for both.The university worlds were to be staged on June 27-28 in Kecskemet.___A soccer exhibition between Mexico and Colombia on May 30 at Denver has been canceled because of the new coronavirus pandemic.Soccer United Marketing, the wing of Major League Soccer that was promoting the match, said Thursday the federations will attempt to reschedule the game before the World Cup in November 2022. A person with knowledge of the matter says Hall of Fame jockey Javier Castellano has tested positive for the coronavirus and is self-isolating.Castellano tested positive as part of a physical that officials at Gulfstream Park mandated as a prerequisite before being cleared to ride in Saturday’s Florida Derby. That’s according to the person who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the jockey had not publicly revealed those details.Castellano’s agent, John Panagot, tweeted the news of the positive test on Thursday and then deleted the post. It was not immediately clear why the post, which indicated that Castellano was not showing symptoms and had jogged three miles on Wednesday, was removed.Castellano last rode on March 15, when he had two mounts at Gulfstream. He returned to New York to see family afterward and was scheduled to ride at Gulfstream this weekend.Gulfstream has issued extremely tight restrictions for anyone entering the track, including jockeys. Racing is continuing at the track in Hallandale Beach, Florida without anyone but essential personnel present, meaning fans and even owners are not allowed on the premises. ___Paris Saint-Germain is selling a new jersey online with the profits going to local hospitals and nursing staff dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.The French champion’s jersey bears the emblem “Tous Unis” (All United) on the front.A total of 262,500 euros (about $288,000) will be raised if all 1,500 jerseys priced at 175 euros ($192) are sold.PSG president Nasser al-Khelaifi says “we can only be sensitive to and grateful for the astounding work” that medical staff on the front line have done against the virus. ___Rafael Nadal and Pau Gasol have launched a campaign to encourage donations in the hope of raising 11 million euros ($12.1 million) to help Spain fight the coronavirus.The tennis and basketball stars said in videos posted on social media that they are supporting a Red Cross fundraising effort to help with the public health crisis.Nadal and Gasol say they have made donations and urged others to follow their lead. Former Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas quickly said he would pitch in.Nadal says “I believe that we are who we are in large part thanks to your support and now we have to be there for you.” The race will instead be held Aug. 23. It was an inevitable decision but still had to be difficult for Roger Penske, who completed his purchase of Indianapolis Motor Speedway and IndyCar in January and has already pumped millions into capital improvements to ready the historic venue for its first 500 under new ownership. IndyCar was supposed to resume racing May 9 on the road course at Indianapolis. That race will now be run on July 4, a day before NASCAR races at The Brickyard.___ Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditThe Latest on the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on sports around the world:___The Indianapolis 500 scheduled for May 24 has been postponed until August because of the coronavirus pandemic and won’t run on Memorial Day weekend for the first time since 1946. ___The Italian soccer federation has offered up its hotel and auditorium for people having their health monitored amid the coronavirus outbreak.The facilities outside Florence are normally used by Italy’s national soccer teams and also host high-level courses for coaches and sporting directors.Federation president Gabriele Gravina says “now that we are not playing soccer, to return to doing so we need to win together the most important match against coronavirus.”Italy has nearly 75,000 infections and more than 7,500 fatalities from the virus. March 26, 2020 Associated Press Spain has 56,188 infections and more than 4,000 fatalities from the virus.___Two major triathlons in Spain have been postponed and the world university triathlon championship in Hungary has been canceled because of the coronavirus outbreak.The Olympic mixed relay qualifying race had already been relocated to Valencia from Chengdu, China, and was scheduled for May 1.A World Cup event in Valencia had been scheduled for the next day. It’s the seventh World Cup race to be postponed. ___Real Madrid and Spanish sports authorities say the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium will be used to store donations of medical supplies to help combat the coronavirus outbreak.The soccer club says it will use the stadium to store private donations. They will then be distributed by government authorities to hospitals.Spain has 56,188 infections and more than 4,000 fatalities from the COVID-19 virus.Civic groups, businesses and individuals are donating much-needed masks and any material that can used to make protective gear for doctors and nurses. The Turkish Boxing Federation says national team member Serhat Guler and trainer Seyfullah Dumlupinar tested positive for the coronavirus after returning from an Olympic qualifying competition in London.The federation says the boxing team went to a training camp in Sheffield on March 3 to prepare for the competition and traveled to London on March 11. All team members stayed at the same hotel and ate at the same cafeteria.The IOC is running the qualifying competitions for boxing because governing body AIBA has been suspended.The Turkish team competed on March 15 and 16 and returned home on March 17 after the IOC halted the competition. All team members were quarantined on return.The federation says Guler and Dumlupinar are being treated in the hospital. Two other boxers who complained of high fever are awaiting the results of their tests. ___The Spanish Grand Prix on the MotoGP circuit scheduled for May 3 has been postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak.It is the fifth MotoGP race to be canceled or postponed.The next race at risk is the French Grand Prix on May 17 at Le Mans.___last_img read more

Pakistan claim historic series win in dramatic finish

first_imgDOMINICA bid farewell to two legends of the game in a most fitting manner, giving Younis Khan and Misbah-ul-Haq the most heart-stopping send-off possible.History beckoned time and again, torturing and teasing them. It made them wait, it made them wonder, it made them despair. But, with six balls left in the game, the series, and their careers, came perhaps its most satisfying moment.Shannon Gabriel, West Indies’ No. 11, had spent just over half an hour at the crease, and had seen out 21 balls. See out one more, and it would leave Roston Chase, who was batting on 101, to face the last over of the match, the last over of the series, and dramatically raise West Indies’ chances of saving the Test.Gabriel had kept out those 21 balls by trusting his defence, but now, in one of the most inexplicable moments in Test cricket’s history, he swung wildly, madly at a loopy full delivery pitching well outside off stump from Yasir Shah. The ball took his inside edge and rattled into off stump, sealing one of the greatest days in Pakistan’s cricket history.This side – Misbah’s side – had done what Haniff Mohammad couldn’t do, what Javed Miandad couldn’t do, what Imran Khan couldn’t do. He had led his side to its first ever series victory in the Caribbean, a 101-run win sealing his – and Younis’ – careers with aplomb. Test cricket certainly has a way of rewarding its own.Pakistan looked like they would make short work of the final session when, three overs in, Hasan Ali brought an end to Jason Holder’s obdurate resistance. It left West Indies seven down with only the tail to give Chase company.With the pitch playing extremely slowly, what Hasan did to dismiss him might even have been an intentional ploy. He took the surface out of the equation, hurling a fierce inswinger that made a beeline for leg stump on the full. Holder made a mess of trying to keep it out, and was plumb in front.But just as Pakistan began to envisage victory, Devendra Bishoo and Chase had designs on a grand resistance. They split the work brilliantly, with Bishoo keeping out Yasir Shah and Chase negotiating the faster bowlers, and Pakistan struggled to break that pattern. Ultimately Misbah resorted to pace from both ends, and Bishoo’s discomfort against the seamers eventually cost him his wicket, as he fended a Mohammad Abbas bouncer to silly point.Chase had been sensational all series, and it would be churlish to take any credit away from him. But he led a charmed life in the last session and one couldn’t help wondering if he was destined to save the game. On two occasions, Hasan dropped him off his own bowling, and when Abbas had him caught in the slips on 92 in the first over after the second new ball was taken, replays showed he had just overstepped. When Chase drove Hasan down the ground for an exquisite boundary to bring up his hundred, one could sense the stadium felt it too.Whenever a wicket fell, there was a sense that the resistance had finally ended. But Alzarri Joseph picked up from where Bishoo left off, and then Gabriel took over from Joseph. Between them, West Indies’ Nos. 9, 10 and 11 spent 99 balls at the crease, while scoring 12 runs. Runs had simply ceased to matter by then.The morning session had been dominated by Pakistan, who made significant inroads towards a series win, dismissing Kraigg Brathwaite, Shimron Hetmyer and Shai Hope to expose the hosts’ middle order in the first hour.Brathwaite was the first to fall, playing an unseemly shot after getting caught in two minds over what to do with a short Yasir delivery. The ball stuck in the pitch, and Brathwaite spooned it to point.But the hammer blow was yet to come, with Hetmyer’s bête noire coming back to snare him one final time. Mohammad Amir got one to tail in to Hetmyer, just as he has done all series. The youngster looked to drive on the up, missing the ball completely. He must now be sick of the sight of his off stump sent cartwheeling.Hasan pushed West Indies further back against the wall with a dream delivery to capture his first Test wicket. Having maintained a disciplined, good length all Test, he changed it up in the most unexpected way, hurling an inswinging yorker destined for Hope’s toes. The batsman was unable to get his bat down in time, and the lbw call was so obvious Chase told Hope not to bother with a review.Two overs into the afternoon, Vishaul Singh – the closest thing to a walking wicket this series – succumbed to a classic Yasir trap. The legspinner pitched the ball into the rough, and the left-hander failed to judge the turn. His inside edge flicked the pad, popping up to Babar Azam at short leg for a simple catch.Shane Dowrich fell to the same bowler, and the same fielder, although his wicket was altogether more controversial. His attempt to flick Yasir against the turn looped up to short leg off the pad – before which there may or may not have been a tickle of inside edge – and the umpire Bruce Oxenford adjudged him out. Dowrich reviewed immediately, but lengthy replays turned up no conclusive evidence either way, and the decision was upheld. It was a piece of misfortune the West Indies could have done without, in truth.But despite all that, West Indies had it in control. Then came Gabriel’s moment of madness, and Misbah went berserk. Cool and calm? What are you on about? (ESPNcricinfo)last_img read more

Update on the latest sports

first_imgThis one lasted 13 innings as Edwin Rios belted a two-run homer to send the Dodgers past the Astros, 4-2. Los Angeles went ahead on an RBI double by Mookie Betts in the top of the 11th, but Carlos Correa’s run-scoring single extended the game. Corey Seager also homered for the Dodgers.Before the game Major League Baseball announced that LA reliever Joe Kelly was hit with an eight-game suspension for brushing back Alex Bregman near the head and taunting Correa in Tuesday’s game. The game marked the first time the teams had met since it was revealed Houston stole signs en route to a 2017 World Series title over the Dodgers. LA manager Dave Roberts was suspended for Wednesday’s game and Astros manager Dusty Baker was fined.Kelly elected to appeal and can continue to play. NHL-BLACKHAWKSBlackhawks ban Native American headdresses at home gamesCHICAGO (AP) — The Chicago Blackhawks are banning headdresses at home games as part of their pledge to honor the Native American community. The NHL team says it consulted with Native American partners to establish new policies and initiatives. The Blackhawks will further integrate Native American culture and storytelling into game presentation and community involvement. COLLEGE BASKETBALL-SOUTH CAROLINA Update on the latest sports Lawson staying at SCCOLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — South Carolina’s top scorer and rebounder AJ Lawson has announced that he is withdrawing from the NBA and returning to school for his junior season. The 6-foot-6 guard from Toronto started all 31 games last year, averaging team highs with 13.4 points and 3.7 rebounds. Lawson put his name in the draft pool in April without hiring an agent, giving him the option to return. COLLEGE BASKETBALL-OBIT-HENSONFormer Illinois, New Mexico St coach Lou Henson dies at 88 — The Rockies capped a 4-1 road trip as German (hehr-MAHN’) Márquez struck out eight over six impressive innings of their 5-1 victory at Oakland. Charlie Blackmon delivered an insurance run with an RBI double in the eighth, then reached on an error in the ninth that led to a pair of runs. Garrett Hampson hit a go-ahead sacrifice fly in the fourth to back Márquez.— Joey Gallo slammed a tying, two-run homer in the eighth before the Rangers scored three more times in the inning to beat the Diamondbacks, 7-4. The Rangers loaded the bases with two out after the homer before Elvis Andrus hit a two-run single and Nick Solak added an RBI single. Todd Frazier hit his first homer and had two doubles for the Rangers, whose five-run inning accounted for only one run fewer than it had scored combined in their first four games in the new $1.2 billion stadium with a retractable roof.— Dylan Moore hit a three-run homer and Kyle Seager had three RBIs in the Mariners’ 10-7 defeat of the Angels. Seager’s sacrifice fly broke a 7-7 deadlock in the seventh inning. Shohei Ohtani (shoh-hay oh-TAH’-nee) clubbed a three-run blast for Los Angeles, which also got home runs from Justin Upton and Brian Goodwin.— JaCoby Jones hit a tiebreaking solo homer in the seventh inning to send the Tigers past the Royals, 5-4. Tigers relievers held Kansas City without a baserunner for four innings, one night after tossing six shutout innings. Jonathan Schoop (skohp) also homered after the Royals took a 4-0 lead. MLB-NEWS — Cardinals right-hander Miles Mikolas (MY’-koh-las) will have season-ending surgery to repair a tendon in his strained right forearm. The 31-year-old missed spring training with the injury, but he ramped up his activity after the virus shutdown and pitched four innings for the Cardinals in an exhibition game last week. — Nick Markakis (mahr-KAY’-kihs) is returning to the Braves, three weeks after announcing he was opting out of the season due to his concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. The veteran outfielder said he changed his mind about sitting out after watching his teammates play the first five games. The 36-year-old Markakis says he has the full support of his family, including his three children, in his decision to return.— The Astros have acquired right-hander Hector Velázquez from the Orioles for a player to be named. The deal comes after the AL champion Astros learned that reigning Cy Young Award winner Justin Verlander will be out a while with a strained forearm. Velázquez went 1-4 with a 5.43 ERA with Boston last year before coming to the Orioles via a waiver claim in March.— Former National League batting champion and four-time All-Star Jose Reyes has formally retired, two years after playing his final major league game. Reyes hit .283 with 145 homers, 719 RBIs and 517 stolen bases.— Former Red Sox manager John McNamara has died at age 88. McNamara managed Boston to within one strike of a World Series victory in 1986 before an unprecedented collapse on the field extended the team’s championship drought into the new millennium. He was 1,167–1,242 over parts of 19 seasons while managing six big league clubs. HAMPAIGN, Ill. (AP) — Former New Mexico and Illinois men’s basketball coach Lou Henson died Sunday at age 88 and was buried on Wednesday. Henson took New Mexico State and Illinois to the Final Four during a 21-year career that included nearly 800 victories and a feud with fellow Big Ten coach Bob Knight. Henson left the game as the winningest coach at both Illinois and New Mexico State, and still ranks fifth all-time among Big Ten coaches with 214 conference wins and 423 total. AUSTRALIA-ABUSE COMPLAINTSGymnastics Australia asks human rights group to probe abuseMELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — Complaints by at least 20 former Australian gymnasts about physical and mental abuse during their careers has prompted Gymnastics Australia to ask a human rights group to investigate. The gymnasts include Olympic and Commonwealth Games gold medalists but the identities of the athletes were not disclosed. They recently spoke of a toxic culture within the sport and have used social media platforms to detail fat-shaming and other forms of abuse. The Australian Human Rights Commission will examine the sport’s culture and practices in Australia. NBA-NEWSDavis, Williamson ready for re-opening nightLAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (AP) — Anthony Davis and Zion Williamson are ready for re-opening night. Davis practiced Wednesday for the first time since getting poked in an eye during the Los Angeles Lakers’ scrimmage opener last week. He said the plan is for him to play when the Lakers face the Los Angeles Clippers in the first seeding game for both teams on Thursday. The Pelicans said Williamson will be a game-time decision for New Orleans’ Thursday opener against Utah. Williamson missed nearly two weeks because he left for a family emergency and then had to quarantine for four days upon his return. The U.S. Open already has been moved from its traditional Father’s Day finish. The pandemic caused the cancellation of more than 100 qualifiers .VIRUS OUTBREAK-COLLEGE SPORTSBig West Conference postpones fall sportsUNDATED (AP) — The Big West Conference is postponing all fall sports through the end of the calendar year.The conference will determine later if conducting fall sports in the spring would be feasible. The decision does not impact basketball, which is scheduled to begin on Nov. 10. Phillies staffer tests positive for COVID-19UNDATED (AP) — Philadelphia Phillies general manager Matt Klentak says one team employee who works in the visiting clubhouse has tested positive for the coronavirus. But he says all Phillies players and on-field staff tested negative for a second straight day. The Phillies’ four-game, home-and-home series against the New York Yankees was postponed this week following a coronavirus outbreak among the Miami Marlins, who played in Philadelphia last weekend. The Phillies are scheduled to host Toronto this weekend in a series that was supposed to be on the road but switched because the Blue Jays’ temporary ballpark in Buffalo isn’t ready. In other MLB news:— Nationals outfielder Juan Soto is still waiting to be cleared to play by the city government after getting the OK from Major League Baseball to return from the COVID-19 injured list. Manager Dave Martinez said the Nationals hope their 21-year-old slugger will be allowed to work out with the team starting Saturday and play in their first game after that, which is next Tuesday at home against the Mets.— The Indians have placed starting catcher Roberto Pérez on the 10-day injured list with a sore throwing shoulder. Pérez hurt his right shoulder while making an off-balance throw in Friday’s season opener. A Gold Glove winner in 2019, Pérez has played since but the shoulder has continued to bother him.center_img NFL-NEWSTua gets green lightUNDATED (AP) — The Dolphins say rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (TOO’-ah tuhng-ah-vy-LOH’-ah) passed his physical when he reported to training camp. He will practice without restrictions as he begins his bid to overtake veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick for the starting job. The all-clear will allow Tagovailoa to practice for the first time since a career-threatening hip injury ended his Alabama career in mid-November. In other NFL news:— Chiefs running back Damien Williams is opting out of playing the upcoming season. Williams’ strong postseason helped Kansas City to its first Super Bowl championship in 50 years. The Division I conference has 11 members, with all but one based in California.In other news related to the COVID-19 pandemic:— Austin’s public health authority said the city was “caught a little off guard” by the recent announcement by Texas that the school planned to allow 50% stadium capacity at Longhorns football games this fall. Travis County Interim Health Authority Dr. Mark Escott spoke with county commissioners Tuesday, and said it’s hard to imagine allowing a crowd of any size watch a game. Texas is scheduled to host South Florida on Sept. 5 and the Big 12 has held out hope it can play a 12-game regular season. The state of Texas has seen record numbers of new coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths in the month of July.— Notre Dame will play in the Atlantic Coast Conference this season as part of a plan to play 10 league games and start the week of Sept. 7, alterations brought on by the pandemic. The ACC’s university presidents approved the plan for an 11-game schedule, including one nonconference game, and for pushing back the league championship game from Dec. 5 to either Dec. 12 or 19. Notre Dame will play in a football conference for the first time in the 133-year history of the program if the season is played.— The NCAA is allowing all major college football teams to begin their seasons as early as Aug. 29. The association confirmed that the football oversight committee had requested a blanket waiver to permit any school to push up the start of its season to the so-called Week Zero. — Veteran cornerback Maurice Canady and undrafted rookie receiver Stephen Guidry have opted out of playing for the Dallas Cowboys this season because of the coronavirus pandemic. Canady signed a one-year contract with the Cowboys after splitting the 2019 season between the Jets and Baltimore. The Ravens drafted Canady in the sixth round in 2016.— A person familiar with the situation says Patriots linebacker Dont’a Hightower has decided to opt out of the 2020 season. Two other people told the AP that starting right tackle Marcus Cannon and fullback Danny Vitale have also chosen to sit out the season, citing health concerns.— The Falcons have placed fullback Keith Smith and safety Jamal Carter on the team’s reserve/COVID-19 list.— The Eagles have placed three-time Pro Bowl right tackle Lane Johnson, linebacker Nathan Gerry, and tackle Jordan Mailata on the reserve/COVID-19 list. — Giants left tackle Nate Solder has opted out of the 2020 NFL season because of the coronavirus pandemic. He cited his son’s ongoing fight with cancer, the recent birth of a baby boy and his own history with cancer for his decision. — Guard Drew Forbes and tackle Drake Dorbeck are the first two Browns players who have chosen to opt out for the 2020 NFL season because of the coronavirus. — General manager John Lynch has agreed to a new five-year contract with the 49ers that will keep him locked up through the 2024 season. The new deal for Lynch comes about six weeks after coach Kyle Shanahan replaced his original six-year deal signed in 2017 with a new six-year contract that takes him through 2025. Lynch was named executive of the year last season by the Pro Football Writers Association of America for helping the Niners reach the Super Bowl last season. PGA-US OPEN-NO FANSUS Open without qualifying now will be played without fansUNDATED (AP) — The USGA says no fans will be allowed for the U.S. Open at Winged Foot in New York Sept. 17-20 because of health and safety concerns about COVID-19. Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditMLB-SCHEDULEDodgers top Astros in 13UNDATED (AP) — The Dodgers and Astros kept their tempers in check just a night after a brushback pitch caused both benches to empty. July 30, 2020 Associated Press — The Reds outscored the Cubs, 12-7 as Mike Moustakas (moos-TAH’-kahs) and Nick Senzel homered in their returns from a COVID-19 scare. Nick Castellanos added a grand slam in helping Cincinnati halt a four-game slide. Sonny Gray extended his major league record to 35 consecutive starts allowing six hits or less, yielding up only Ian Happ’s double and fanning 11 as he pitched into the seventh inning.— Freddie Freeman was productive in the Braves’ 7-4 victory against the Rays, going 4-for-5 with a two-run homer and three RBIs. Freeman snapped a 4-4 tie with an RBI single in Atlanta’s three-run sixth. Darren O’Day blew a lead but got the victory after Mike Soroka left with a 2-1 lead in the sixth.— The Red Sox ended a four-game losing streak by rallying against the Mets’ shaky bullpen in a 6-5 win at New York. Mitch Moreland provided a tiebreaking, RBI single in the eighth before Christian Vazquez following his solo blast with a two-run single later in the inning. Brandon Workman allowed a ninth-inning run before getting Robinson Cano to line out with the bases loaded to end it.— The Twins were 3-0 winners over the Cardinals behind Rich Hill, who gave up just two hits over five innings. Four relievers completed the combined three-hitter in Minnesota’s fourth victory in five games this season. Eddie Rosario smacked a solo homer for the Twins.— Mike Yastrzemski (yah-STREHM’-skee) homered twice, including a walk-off homer in the ninth inning to complete the Giants’ comeback from a 6-2 deficit in a 7-6 triumph over the Padres. San Francisco tied it when Donovan Solano crushed a three-run homer in the eighth against his former team. Alex Dickerson also went deep and Solano finished with four RBIs. Also around the majors:— Homers by D.J. LeMahieu (leh-MAY’-hyoo), Aaron Hicks and Aaron Judge powered the Yankees to a 9-3 rout of the Orioles. LeMahieu provided four of New York’s eight hits to support Gerrit Cole, who won hits second straight start since signing with the Yankees last winter. Cole had a 7-1 lead until Dwight Smith’s two-run homer ended his night in the seventh inning.— Adam Eaton delivered a go-ahead, RBI single in the 10th inning before the Nationals completed a tidy 4-0 win against the Blue Jays. Asdrubal (as-DROO’-bul) Cabrera added a bases-loaded triple to cap the scoring in a game in which Toronto was the home team in Washington. Max Scherzer received a no-decision after limiting the Jays to three hits while striking out 10 over 7 1/3 innings.— The White Sox also scored four times in their final at-bat, doing it in the ninth to beat the Indians, 4-0. Rookie Luis Robert hit a two-run single in the ninth as Chicago snapped a three-game losing streak and salvaged one game in the series. Cleveland closer Brad Hand was tagged for three runs after Kevin Plesac struck out a career-high 11 while scattering three hits.— Milwaukee’s Brandon Woodruff allowed one hit and struck out 10 while working into the seventh inning of a 3-0 shutout of the Pirates. Woodruff retired 19 of 21 batters, allowing a swinging bunt single to Phil Evans in the first. Ben Gamel gave Woodruff all the support he would need with a third-inning two-run homer last_img read more

Syracuse gets ‘gutsy’ win over Pittsburgh as bench players step up in Alexis Peterson’s absence

first_imgAlexis Peterson has led Syracuse all season, whether it’s in points, assists or just intangibles. But in 33 seconds, head coach Quentin Hillsman had seen enough to know she wasn’t going to be able to play.Hillsman yanked his starting point guard off the floor and she put on a white warm-up jacket.“Did she practice today?” one spectator familiar with members of the team sitting in the front row asked one sitting behind her. The spectator sitting in the second row shook her head no.“She said she was going to try and she tried it and she couldn’t go,” Hillsman said. “… Once I saw her kind of get on the floor, I knew she didn’t have it. I wasn’t going to put her through that situation.”Only three players — Briana Day, Maggie Morrison and Cornelia Fondren — scored in double digits in Peterson’s absence. Only Fondren had more than three assists. In the past, Hillsman has said SU can win any game when it hits 10 3s. Only 6-of-32 fell from deep range for Syracuse on Thursday night.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textAnd yet without its star player due to sickness, the Orange (13-4, 3-1 Atlantic Coast) scraped as much as it could from its bench to eventually blow out Pittsburgh (8-9, 0-4) on Thursday night in the Carrier Dome. SU won what was once a close game, 71-48, with nine points of the differential coming in the last frame.“We’re just trying to get through this stretch of the season,” Hillsman said. “We’ve got some kids banged up, a little under the weather. What a gutsy win on our home floor when we really needed it.”Hillsman tabbed Fondren, who jumped out of her seat when he decided Peterson couldn’t go. During a timeout after he pulled Peterson, she held her right arm, appeared to get the chills and then ran back down the tunnel to the locker room.When Peterson came back out, she was dressed in a puffy blue jacket with blue sweatpants and a backpack slung over one of her shoulders. One of the spectators asked her if she needed anything.“I’m going to go,” Peterson replied, walking toward the Stadium Control exit.Fondren scrapped her way to the bucket using a Eurostep in Peterson’s absence. It first beat a defender midway through the second quarter and drew a foul later in the same period. She added eight rebounds and five assists to her 11 points.Toward the beginning of the second quarter, Taylor Ford grabbed an offensive rebound, went right back up with it and got an and-one. Assistant coach Tammi Reiss stood up and shouted at her team that it needs to rebound like that. Ford scored just five points, but grabbed seven boards and tallied three steals.Isabella Slim missed a breakaway layup with 8:14 left in the fourth quarter, but Maggie Morrison grabbed the miss and put it away for an and-one of her own. Morrison added five boards of her own and Syracuse scored 19 second chance points.“We still need our point guard whether she’s sick or not,” Fondren said. “Whatever happens to her. We still need her, in a way.”And SU proved that, while shooting poorly from the field — without Syracuse’s 16 buckets in the paint, the Orange shot just 8-of-56 — its depth is able to persevere.In the postgame press conference, Briana Day tried to explain why SU was able to make up for its poor shooting performance, why it was able to win a game where the odds were against the Orange.Her eyes jumped from statistic to statistic on the sheet in front of her, reading them off stream of consciousness. First to rebounds, then second-chance points, then Pitt’s turnovers, then SU’s lack of them, then free throws.“We tied for rebounds, but that’s OK,” she said.Steals, back to turnovers.Finally she got to the end. Bench points. SU got 40 of them.“We had to get everyone involved,” Day said. “I think that’s what changed the game.” Comments Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on January 14, 2016 at 11:10 pm Contact Chris: cjlibona@syr.edu | @ChrisLibonatilast_img read more